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The incredible day when television died

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The TV is dead, but they do not seem to have noticed it in so many …

Today is the day “when television died”, but everything seems to be going well. Today is the day when the phone has decided to remain vertical and to force everyone to become … straight and not horizontal as we have always been. Today is the day in which permanently retires the pre-eminence (it was now) of a way of seeing and making videos that is daughter of TV.

The TV is dead today and has brought back the point of view that we have always had, that 16/9 that has always repeated the image acquired, in fact, from the human eye that sees, due to the double field of vision, horizontally and not … vertical. Today the world, however, went to stand up and freed everyone from the need to have in front of the screens horizontally. What happened? Come on, you know …

IGTV was born.

Yesterday in San Francisco Kevin Stystrom, founder and CEO of Instagram, has overturned the world of social media announcing the achievement of one billion subscribers by the more visual social, but has done even more. In a live event on Instagram that you can find here, she presented to all IGTV, a stand alone Instagram application that is a true multi-channel television full of magnificent content and channels created in these hours by the stars of the network to give new videos addicted a portfolio of truly impressive possibilities. With IGTV you can upload videos up to an hour, pre-edited, and create, together with live broadcasts, your video channel on Instagram.

The era of vertical screens.

In the hours when it arrives in Italy Youtube Music Instagram (owned by Facebook) has gone to affect the realm of the videos that is of the social of Google. Well, the whole universe is moving, but the clear message remains. Which? The motion of video to become vertical will undergo a violent acceleration and will also undermine all that TV apparatus that has dictated so far.

Because now it is clear and is sanctioned by the second most important social in the world: the videos look vertically.

All the grammar we have known until today can be put in the drawer. The screens we watch most often are vertically. We will have to adapt. On the other hand you go around and find me a person who holds the phone horizontally to see one thing: there is not.

The television is dead today, I hope the funeral will do it, because in short, I was glad to live it for a while. Now let’s do without it.

Must have an idea.

To stay on IGTV, however, you need to have an idea and have it accurate. I recommend that you immediately go to the channel of @philipbromwell, the protagonist of my last article. He has already put some stunning pieces from the narrative point of view and centered the point of language vertically. Do you know what is the success of Instagram? Simple: from the point of view of the narration of our history or of the stories it gave us the most important thing: a door to enter the lives of others, but really.

That’s why if you want to invent something new, you must have in mind how to let the person who follows you enter the door of your house. I decided to do it with the Spectacles tool to tell stories, encounters, adventures and mojo days. If you want, you can find me on IGVT at @frafacchini. I’ll show you how I will build my vertical language thanks to Instagram.

The reason for the death of the TV.

This provocation of the death of the TV is not mine but it is Rudy Bandiera’s one that has also opened the dances on IGTV doing this boutade, but motivating it not only with the change of the frame, but also with the triumph of content on demand that IGTV develops .

Yeah, because in this new window on the world you see what you want and when you want it. After Netflix, then, the birth of this app that has re-framed the shot and exploded the possibility of content to be seen in a day, there is to decree the death of the TV because no one wants to wait more time to see a what you can and will want to see, from today more and more and always vertically, when you want.

Mobile ecosystem, but also the posts are dead (and the homepage)

Then this should also be said: with this opening of the stories on preloaded video for an hour and only visible on the smartphone app, the mobile ecosystem Instagram has, in fact, created a world that does not need TV, but has also put in retirement feeds, since the stories are much more important now than posts. Even the Feed, therefore, is dead, – along with the home pages of the sites that, now, no longer need anything.

I was saying it in 2015 and today the destiny of the initial pages of the websites has been abundantly realized, by now, no one attends any more. Now we go direct to the source or content by switching from social media or watching who we want, at the time we want, on the mobile screen that we want, possibly vertically. We are in the era of post-television. Very well. It is a mojo era.


Di Francesco Facchini

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