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Mentana: when a big journalist makes a big mistake

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Introduction for the English-speaking colleagues.

Enrico Mentana is one of the most successful Italian journalists and is director of La7, an important television channel in the Bel Paese. A few hours ago he posted on his facebook page, saying he wanted to found an online journal for young journalists. He expressed a commendable initiative, daughter, however, of the ancient culture of our country regarding the media. I try to send him a public letter to make him understand that it is not doing an unspecified online newspaper for young people that you can join the digital revolution and give a future to young colleages. If there is hope for the world of newspapers and journalists, this hope is called mojo.

Dearest Enrico, I write you …

You don’t know who I am (in the true sense of the sentence), so it is appropriate to introduce me. I’m Francesco Facchini and I’m a 47-year-old journalist. To quote one of your images, very kind Enrico, I am one of those standing outside in the market of my job and without guarantees, despite having 30 years of career and a dependent child. In short, I have a defect, I’m not young.

I read with great interest this post on your decision to found an online newspaper that can be “home” for young journalists and that is a way, for her, to give something back to a world that has given so much to her. Commendable, I’m doing it myself and I tell you how. I am the Italian popularizer (along with amazing colleagues like Nico Piro) of the culture of mobile journalism, a new current of the journalistic profession.

An instrument, it is called mojo.

We are bravely breaking the chains of old ways of doing video, broadcasting, TV and similar with the means and languages ​​that technology has put in our pockets. I am offering an instrument: It happened me to teach this discipline at Iulm, in Pavia, at Lumsa. It happened me to represent Italy at world conferences on the subject. An Italy absent, ignorant and disinterested in the subject that shows every day more than not knowing. I

n Italy mobile journalism is exchanged for “ah, but we have the app …”. And we continue to not know what it is or to consider it as an add on “when I can not do things properly”. All while 70% of the world sees the web from a smartphone and no longer frequents the sites, but comes to the news from his favorite social network. All this while big TV broadcast productions made and edited with the iPhone and Soderberg comes out with a film (“Unsane”) that defined the experience “more liberating of his career”.

The digital daily? Dead.

Now she amazes me positively when she makes such a proposal, but sincerely turns it into a big mistake in a few lines. Please do not do it … and now I explain to you why. You talk about the digital daily, but you commit the imprecision of not clarifying the fact that it is not “making a site” what you need now. The site, the “digital newspaper” is dead, it’s over. The home page no longer attends anyone. Now readers, witness the huge success of his post, are elsewhere and the “digital newspaper” of which she speaks can not be a site and stop. It must be a cross-media information hub and cross all the platforms the universe has. There must be where there are readers and think that readers read from a mobile phone … (I begin to get closer to my topic).

An all italian mood; assistance…

Then, let me sincerity, multiply the error by talking about economic contributions, patrons, “passive” initiative that I will bring back …. “. I tell her with great honesty: this is a huge bullshit. For a very simple reason: You, from the top of your brand, should not propose to the public a business model that will perhaps become profitable. You, to those young people whom he addresses, must give the instrument to make money.

Yes, gain, now, maybe a little, but immediately. The Italian media ended up in this pulp because they lived with a full stomach for decades and did not develop the culture to renew themselves and gain. And she proposes an initiative that will certainly make her a wallet. Do not do it, do not make sure that your new site is a “welfare fund” for young people without work assisted by old people with a fairy-tale pension.

I put my contribution there.

His figure is one of those that stands out perfectly in the Italian landscape for intelligence and authority. Here, do not fall into this error and shake the information world by putting its power to good use to gain money, immediately, and take on young people. At this point I, as president of Italian Mojo, a cultural association that spreads mobile journalism, I put my own and I challenge you. If you want to do it with the techniques of mobile journalism and mobile content creation. Because in a media world that lives thanks to smartphones, we will also have to start thinking about media products starting with the smartphone. This could be my contribution.

Come to the Rome festival.

Come and see our community and our movement at the Rome festival that is organizing the Nico Piro community. Give me 10 minutes of your time to explain the mojo and to give you the number 10 card of honorary member of the association. Then I do more. I offer myself to come and teach mojo in his new paper: it’s my job. If your project will have the characteristics and perspective that I told you in these lines I can do it for free (at least for the basics eh, then we’ll see). Because if you want to make sense of what you wrote, give the young people a future, not assistance.




Di Francesco Facchini

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