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Zoom F1: perfect audio B solution for mobile journalists

Audio on the move, here is the lifesaver for every occasion.

One of the fields in which the hardware for mobile journalism has made great strides is certainly that of the tools to acquire the audio. Digital microphones, wired microphones, preamplifiers, shotguns: now there is everything on the market. There are instruments like the Samson Go Mic Mobile or the iRig Mic Hd2 that have reached levels of quality and sound fidelity unexpected even just a year ago. These devices, however, have a small non-negligible problem: they can be interfered by the wi-fi waves in which we are now immersed everywhere. Or, even worse, they can suffer dysfunctions due to their relationship with the codes of the filming applications or with the updates of the operating systems.

The field recorder

I have never liked the idea of ​​putting too many things in my mobile journalist bag, but with this “Field Recorder”, literally field recorder, of Japanese Zoom, imported in Italy by Mogar Music, I decided to make an exception to root out a very thorny problem. In fact, if the audio is bad, the video skips (and the payment as well). The remedy is the F1 Zoom in the version with the lavallier. In the box we also find the two batteries to power it, microphone and accessories that make up this object that can record mp3 up to 256 k or wav with a very high quality stereo.

The micro sd card is not included in which the recorded files go and then receives the sound that we record in great agility on the field. For mobile journalists it is an excellent rescue solution that can be put on the interviewee’s belt or at his own, which is sure that he will record everything with a crazy loyalty. To synchronize just a clap at the beginning of the recording.

The transition to the mobile phone.

In a few minutes, then the audio can be taken by unplugging the SD card and putting it in one of those readers who talks with cell phone b s. From the reader’s app it will be possible to extract the file and send it directly to the editing application where it will appear as a file to be imported. With this transition to mobile we have therefore ready our professional audio strip. Solution A or solution B that is, the Zoom F1 does not miss a shot. You put it on your belt, you play rec, you clap once, and then you record everything. Without missing a word.

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