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Mobile journalism: Mojo Italia, a party for a brand new community

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Mobile Journalism: things have changed and not a little.

On July 25 , at the multimedia room of the Stampa Romana union, there will be the presentation of Mojo Italia, the first Italian festival of journalism. It will take place on 21 and 22 September 2018 at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese in Rome and will end on September 23 at the headquarters of  Stampa Romana at Via della Torretta 36 in Campo Marzio. Three days of meetings, workshops, seminars and contests that give you a new dimension to the Italian community of concerned and mobile journalism practitioners, constantly growing. Things, from my article that described a poor state of affairs in Italy for the mojo, have changed. And not a little.

The Mojo Italia program

The organizers, namely Stampa Romana, the Italian Association of Filmakers and the organizing group, the Mojo Italy, they called me to help out, be on the jury of established mojo contests, and organizing a workshop that I decided to devote to the business potential that mobile journalism is developing. Thank fpr the honor that I have been granted and the partnership we have signed with Mojo Italia to ensure that the Italian Mojo Association, which I chair, was present.

From Kinemaster to Instagram, from Youtube to Fake News

From editing with Kinemaster to Instagram, from fake news With me also the vice president of Italian Mojo and friend, Fabio Ranfi, who, from his experience as editor of Milan AllNews, will develop a workshop on live streaming. The program of the event is rich and varied: you can find here the right link for three days that will touch topics such as editing with Kinemaster and Luma Fusion, storytelling on Youtube, Fake news and post-truth era (with two protagonists of information as Roberto Reale and Carlo Verdelli), but also as Instagram or as podcasts. There will also be an opportunity to talk about photography with a smartphone and take a photo-video walk in the park of Villa Borghese. All the seminars are free and in the process of being accredited by the Sigef platform for continuing professional training of journalists.

The competitions and the spirit.

The Italian community, with this festival of mobile journalism decided to look at itself, perhaps even to understand her true dimension and to understand her direction. Also in this perspective the competitions that you can find at this link assume a certain significance. If you are a mojoer, measure yourself with the challenge. “This is the largest free professional and technical update for journalists – says the director and pioneer of the Italian mojo Nico Piro – that we can remember in Italia. This is a way for the community to meet, get to know each other and know this subject that is renewing the world of journalism in a period of great crisis ”

Nico Piro and me.

I conclude by telling you that Nico Piro and I are getting to know each other and we are following paths that are sometimes parallel and sometimes intertwined with the common goal of improving the culture of mobile journalism in Italy. The colleague of TG3, free, surly, humanly profound, professionally prepared, is an innovator of Italian journalism and the pioneer of the mojo since he was the first to make courses on the subject.

With this festival Mojo Italia, he is doing a very courageous task that I fully support and that I defend and that I will disseminate as much as possible as I have done for the other events I attended. I am with Nico because I think that the most revolutionary thing in our movement is mutual sharing and help, to look for ways that lead to the future of the profession. And with Nico, I found someone who, finally, thinks about the common good before thinking about himself. “Sharing is power” he repeats often. And he, rare gem, does it, while the others wait and “steal” the art.

Nico Piro’s crowfunding to tell the truth about Afghanistan

This crazy colleague and fellow that I find myself (honestly I would have preferred a young and pretty girl…) is also one that shares with me the need to find new forms of economic resources to develop products and journalistic paths. This is why I’m happy to divulge the crowdfunding of his project on Ulule. Here it is below (as soon as I finish the piece I go to donate).

“Afghanistan Missione Incompiuta” Seconda parte

Nel 2016 grazie all’aiuto di centinaia di lettori, decine di gruppi e associazioni che hanno sostenuto il crowdfunding (pre-acquistando una o più copie) il libro Afghanistan Missione Incompiuta è diventato realtà, è uscito in libreria e ha superato le 2000 …


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