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Podcast: Italian Mojo Stories, on the web the voice era is started

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The podcast on mobile journalism is becoming my favorite creature.

If you scroll through my homepage, at some point, you’ll see it appear. He is the reader of my podcast, which has reached the twenty seventh episode in a short time. Among the many things I do I can see with certainty that the podcast “Italian Mojo Stories”, made with Anchor and published in all the major international podcasting platforms, has become one of my best products and a very powerful tool. Strange, but true, my ratings are climbing slowly but surely, just as the first signals of the beginning of the Internet era emerge in the mobile world and in the digital world in general.

The contents of my story.

The “Italian Mojo Stories” podcast grew up with me. While I do, I still feel like an amateur, but I understand day by day that this instrument has infinite potential. It is a travel companion for those who want to feel it, a non-invasive and direct background. It’s the radio when you want and how you want. The radio that you choose because you like it. The contents of my story are on a subject, the mobile content creation, which is technical, but has a growing audience, has interested and passionate listeners, has minimal and high stories of great intensity.

A beautiful adventure

I perceived it clearly in these days in which I lined up bets with some big names of the international mojo such as Ilicco Elia, Christian Payne (aka Documentally) and Philippe Couve. Being able to put them on air in a few minutes, with a good app and some hardware pef the audio, gave me a great feeling of freedom and power. With the podcast I can be a direct and useful, passionate and clear chat companion. Doing it is an experience that I’m trying to improve day after day, week after week.

… but not always simple.

It is not always simple and often meets logistical problems (I recorded the last episode closed inside a bathroom with a young lady who needed it outside the door … and, let’s say, sounded the need to enter), but it is still a very very real to tell. Even the app has some problems such as calls and interventions recorded (you can not always contact other members of Anchor with ease), but it is versatile, simple and above all gives the opportunity to make corrections and quick interventions. They made a version for the iPad that also has some tools to cut and sew the audio file, but it is not yet very stable.

“The voice era” it’s starting.

It is very nice to see how the adventure of the podcast grows hand in hand with the voices that increase towards the future “with the voice” of the web. On the tomorrow that awaits us, in which we will check with our words the devices that will make us enter the web, I had already posted an article. Here it is. It was about the intervention of Kathie Mc Mahon, Soundhound’s general manager, on the speech recognition technology and the Houndify Artificial Intelligence. It is tomorrow that awaits us and that is becoming a today.

It is the generation of my son, the one who will use mobile devices without even touching them. The voice of the commands, the voice of podcasts, the voice of the “speech to text” more and more evolved and precise in recognizing the voice and transform it into written letters: here are the signs of the arrival of #voicefirstera, together with the popularity of Alexa and Google Assistant. Everything is changing and the podcast is now the radio of today and has been for some time. The difference is that during this period it is becoming popular.

A product to offer on the market.

If you want to experience this, I highly recommend it, know that the professionalism that you will create playing a podcast is a professionality that you can play, resell. A podcast can also be a buyable product, available to a company, a medium, a customer, a known person, a politician. An effective, disintermediate and intimate way to ask and propose quality content. It’s time to think about it, do not you think?

Meanwhile, I leave you with the first episode of my podcast, the one where it all started, the one in which I told with the oldest and newest instrument that exists, the voice, my path to a different path. If I’m feeling it now, it almost makes me tenderness … and yet it’s been a very short time. Good listening and good life.

Italian Mojo Stories – episode one by Italian Mojo Stories

Riflessioni, storie, notizie e novità sul mondo della Mobile Content Creation in lingua italiana


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