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Gutenberg: the mojo trasformation of WordPress editor

Francesco Facchini
Gutenberg: the mojo trasformation of...

The Gutenberg revolution is here to stay.

I’m not crazy and I’m not referring to the inventor of the press with 500 years of delay. My reference is to the new version of the wordpress site editor, like this one, which is bound to change the working habits of communicators and journalists forever, especially if mobile journalists.

The fantastic World of blocks

Gutenberg is already present in the wordpress world in the form of plugin that you can download if you go to the site’s plugin section. Once activated, your editor changes forever to present itself and takes you to the world of blocks. The new editor is therefore designed for pieces that make up the mosaic of the multimedia item that unfolds on your column designed specifically for the mobile world.

A simple patchwork

The multimedia article that is composed word after word is a real collage that is built with extreme ease thanks to the commands and buttons of the editor that can be added one after the other in the most modern way to write a multimedia piece, what for us journalists is normality. Photos, tweets, movies, polls, phrases, quotes, lists: everything is pulled in with great ease and minimizing the intervention with the codes of the writer.

But the real magic is another…

The real magic is that this Gutenberg seems made for smartphones. I am writing, in fact, this article from my Samsung S8 which is one of the least friendly smartphones As for typing. Even in this paragraph I’m using automatic titration through Google that allows me to quickly add text to my editor.

Throughout the paragraph you just finished reading, dictated entirely to my S8, there was only one transcription error that had to be corrected by hand. It is incredible, therefore, how my site becomes a very powerful multimedia creativity tool with Gutenberg.

“I’m trying to finish writing a book. I’m on my fourth draft and have 70,000 words so far. It’s an adventure tale set in Jamaica. My main character is a twelve-year old girl named Kristi. She’s the same age that I was when I left the island. I really want to write something that resonates back home. I’ve been researching the history and folklore of the country. I’m trying to get the dialect just right. I want Jamaicans to recognize themselves and be proud. I've been working on it for four years now. I’ve given up on so many other things. I gave up on being a doctor. I’ve given up writing other stories. I lost sixty pounds last year, but before that I’d given up on so many diets. So I’m determined to finish this. I try not to think about other goals for the book. Because the more I need from it, the more I freeze up. I have a lot of debt. I have a lot of relatives in Jamaica that need money. But if I start writing to feel hopeful about my financial situation, the words won’t come. So my goal is just to finish my fourth draft. And if that happens, my next goal is to get a rejection letter that tells me something I can improve.”

A post shared by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on

I putted here Humans of Ny and I did it for a reason

I wanted to incorporate a new element from a different social to show the versatility of this tool. Much mojo, also because one of the determining factors in the construction of the modern journalist is cross-mediality. All this even if it seems to me that the incorporation of Instagram is not responsive for mobile phones like that of Twitter above.

Knock out with a flu

Now everything changes and the way I work also changes. I refer you to my podcast Italian Mojo Stories that tonight I will send on air explaining all the background of this first piece with Gutenberg done while I was ko on the sofa with an S8 in hand.

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