Mojofest opens the mojo tours season

Very good idea

Tour mojo: a good move with a bright future.

The world of mobile journalism is in constant movement and in reasonable growth. The opportunities for interaction, knowledge and development take on the most particular forms month after month. The latest move is that of Mojofest, the organization of Glen Mulcahy organizing the world’s mobile journalism conference in Galway, which has just launched the first exclusive form of Mojo Tours, a 5-day on the road tour to make a real and own master journal of mobile journalism.

Program and scenario 

The scenario is the fantastic one of the Atlantic Way of Ireland that will allow the lucky participants to have enchanted landscapes and magical cities available for filming and for the courses that will be held by Tim Bingham for the photographic part, from Glen Mulcahy and Mark Egan for the mojo part. You can find the program here and you will not be amazed at the price. It is comprehensive, more or less, of all that is needed except for the flight.

The idea to pick up

It is very interesting the idea behind these tours that add the technique of mobile journalism with the right stage to tell unforgettable stories. They are, therefore, experiences of training and not pure and simple training. Moreover, if teachers are the best in the world, it is worth trying.

The Italian way

It should be said that this experience, this tour mojo which will be staged under the brand Mojofest from the first to the six october 2018, has prohibitive costs for any Italian to make the journalistic profession and not call Enrico Mentana.

On the other hand, the idea that could also be conjugated, from the Italian mojoers themselves, is very valuable as an interesting product to offer to a customer. Do you know how many tour mojo in places much more attentienti than the magnificent Atlantic coast of Ireland we could create from us?

On business models like this I will focus my workshop which I will hold in September at the Mojo Italia festival, the first Italian event on mobile journalism to be staged at the Casa del Cinema under the direction of my friend Nico Piro.

Enjoy the program.

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