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The digital journalist needs ethics: Mariagrazia Villa will help

Digital journalism and ethics: a good marriage

I read “The digital journalist is a shin of saint” (Author Mariagrazia Villa, publisher Dario Flaccovio) and when I arrived at the end I realized two things, let’s say, important for those who want to be a digital journalist and be able to go to sleep serene every night.

We need ethics to do and to know

The first thing I understood is that this book, courageously dedicated to 27 virtues that a journalist must have in order to be true in this liquid world of the web, speaks of ethics bringing it back to the center of the journalistic profession as I had recently seen it. The virtues, the qualities to cultivate and develop if you want your work to remain valuable, are very important and differentiate us forever from the algorithms. For this courage, availability, service, empathy, are necessary tools if you want to do this job making it retain the central functionality in society. What function do I speak of? Of this below.

Ecco il ruolo del giornalista

We talk about ethics, therefore, also to understand the world around us and that changes in a liquid way. We must use ethics because everything in our profession has changed, but the role of mediation of reality remains the same.

New instruments and new environment

Virtue after virtue, quality after quality, the Villa in his masterpiece manual paints the figure of the new digital journalist like that of a purple cow (to put it with Seth Godin) that creates the role and its place in that web that is the web strengthening itself with training dedicated to the qualities that make a person better.

Already, the Villa tells us that the digital journalist is a shank of saint because he must be to do this job with passion and truth. Worse is the web and the person must be better.

The second important thing

The second important thing that I understood from this book is that Mariagrazia, called Grace, a journalist and excellent teacher, is a champion of writing this kind of books.

With this “The digital journalist is a shank of saint” manages to be as tall as a philosopher and friendly as that high schoolmate behind which you died and who did your homework because you were tender. Beautiful, funny, profound, light, flowing, the friend you want, the prof of whom you fall madly in love even if she talks about washing machines.

Moral? Open the classrooms of journalism schools is flooded the classrooms of this book and remember: if you want to be a real shank of saint. Be excellent, every day more.

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