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Patreon: an “how to” guide

Francesco Facchini
Patreon: an “how to” guide

Some elements to understand Patreon

The Patreon platform, an American microcrowdfunding site that supports creatives and producers of content, is rapidly gaining ground as a new form of resource research to develop projects that give scope to the potential of those who propose them thanks to a new method of support compared to crowdfunding. normal. Patreon, in fact, has decided to adopt the form of monthly help to those who are passionate or who uses a project for what it can give. I refer, more precisely, to the fact that Patreon proposes monthly funding to those who propose themselves on the platform, loans that have a great double advantage. The first, of course, is for the designer who, with the help of his supporters, called patron, is able to secure the financial support needed to feel safe, feel protected by a salary that allows him to stay focused on the project he is developing without further distractions. The second advantage is for those who make the patron, which subscribes to exclusive services of great value, being able, however, to interact with the author in a more direct and dedicated. The subscription, which can be canceled without problems, is also an operation that requires care and attention towards the provider of the services.

How to use Patreon if you are a creator

I’ll explain to you first Patreon on my side because in this way you will understand well how to “read” a project of a creator before financing it. Ok, I’m going to order and I’ll explain to you what a creator is. He is the one who puts himself on this virtual showcase to present, explain, develop and fund the project and that is committed to providing services and particular contents to those who support it, gradually. If you open my page you will see three sections, on three different columns and a superior menu that helps you to orientate yourself. In the horizontal menu are the words Overview, Post and Community which are respectively the part that explains the project, the part of blog where the creator posts exclusive or public content and the community that shows the interaction between the creator and the its lenders.

Overview, Goal e Tiers

To understand how to use Patreon, therefore, we must go into the various columns starting from the Central and the “Overview” menu in which a creator explains not so much how to use Patreon, but what he wants to do with it. With a short video and a text, the creator presents himself and tells his dream to be realized, maybe step by step and maybe a moment longer. If you are a creator I recommend a short and effective video, a simple text and clearly explain the objectives. In the left column, however, there are the goals, the macro objectives that you want to achieve and the various steps of funding that will allow the creator to reach them, In the right column, however, there are the Tier, microfinance programs with which who supports has in return for the dedicated services. The creator has to explain well his services and the advantages he has in exchange for those who “subscribe” to his Patreon. The tiers must be progressive and may be “limited number”.

How to use Patreon if you want to become a patron

If you enter Patreon as a “user” and find the project to be financed because it meets your needs or simply because it seems nice to do so, I suggest you read well the objectives of the creator you want to help and its presentation. Helping a project as a patron has two main motivations that you must know to understand this new culture well. The most important of the two, in my opinion, is linked to the importance of the presented project and to the will to help it grow not only for your good, but for the community. Personal feelings are also a motivation. If you like helping a friend, that’s a push to follow. The second motivation is the service offer of creators. The tiers, in fact, are microfinance that provide “prizes” in return, in the form of special contents, documents, files, creations, emotions, suggestions, information. In short, of culture.

Why joining my project on Patreon

Here, finally, after a good explanation (I hope) on how to use Patreon, some good reasons to follow me and support me on this platform. For over two years I have supported the work of this blog on mobile journalism, mobile content creation and the future of journalism. This work must be expanded and enriched and benefits the community. Being able to count on other resources would allow me to make it grow again. From 31 episodes, then, I also cultivate the Podcast Italian Mojo Stories on Anchor and I think that that should be made to grow and brought to everyone’s benefit.

A mojo course for professionals and companies

The exclusive tiers of my patrons, however, rhyme with additional exclusive content, with anticipations, news, magazines, productions and services that will be increasingly rich. I mention two things: the first is that for the 5 and 9 dollars tiers what I think is most useful for you is the direct interaction with me for microconsulences that can solve some problems in the field. The second thing is that I put, for the first 100 who want to take advantage of it, a live course of 4 hours at $ 199, that is to say half the usual price. I can do it by presence or via live webinar with direct interaction and slide. If I have to come to you there are also travel expenses to pay, but the price is certainly advantageous. Up to 10 people can participate in the course, both in the company and for individuals or groups.

Protect and serve creatives (the HONY case)

I’m only at the beginning and I myself have to experiment and grow (my presentation video is bad, for example, and I’ll change it soon). I must admit, however, that this tool is very powerful to build business on one’s own creativity and to give breath to those who are giving valuable content useful for our lives. To get on Patreon it takes courage, but also a change of culture. To think that the person we are following and who provides us with content for our work that affects our lives can be helped and can be safe to be able to continue to provide us with useful things, well, it is something important. I’ll tell you one thing: while I’m writing these lines, he landed on Patreon Humans of New York, one of the most famous web and social projects in the world. The patrons have come to rain and I have also subscribed. Just for the thought of being able to help someone like him, Brandon Stanton, to keep improving the world. It makes me feel good.

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