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Mojo Italia: my workshop choice

Francesco Facchini
Mojo Italia: my workshop choice

Mojo Italia: another precious occasion to learn

When I participate, also as a speaker, at events, of any size, which concern mobile journalism, I participate to learn. For this reason, the festival Mojo Italia, staged from September 21st to 23rd 2018 (all info here) presents itself as an opportunity for me to understand, to question myself, to steal art. A golden opportunity since, moreover, it comes from the Italian community that wants, with this event, to present itself with new interpreters and new “actors”, new ambassadors of mobile journalism. Surely from the new born the beautiful and of this beautiful, going through the rooms of the House of Cinema in Rome, interesting proscenium to develop creativity, since it is immersed in Villa Borghese, I want to taste everything. There is a choice to make, however, because of contemporary event. I have done this (and I do not want those I have not chosen).

I start from Nico and Enrico

Beware of those two. On September 21st I’ll start enjoying, at 2pm, the intro to the mojo by Nico Piro and Enrico Farro, the two bishops of the Roman community that develops mobile journalism. Do you want to know why? Because they are different from me, because they teach a mojo that is not mine (fortunately) and because I want to learn from them an eye and a point of view that does not belong to me. Finally I can enjoy them and steal their vision of mojo things, since they were the first to say “mojo” in Italy.

I “eat” Kinemaster, but there is always to learn…

Kinemaster intrigues me, because in this bustle of changes that is experiencing the world of editing via smartphone (and I refer to my patron details on Patreon) seems the mounting app that has lost more ground than anyone else. Instead it prepares surprises and will soon present itself with a new “substantial” update and even if you want, you can get more information on the Patreon page. To keep it will be the good Antonia Schiavarelli, struck by the Korean editing tool thanks to the courses of Nico and Enrico.

The post truth era 

Roberto Reale and Carlo Verdelli are two big Italian journalists, talented and unmarked by the games. At the end of the first day, one can not attend their lesson on fake news and on the post-truth eras. I tell the truth: I can not get interested in the fake news speech. Fake news is a tool of pressure, of consensus building: like all the tools of this kind it does not enter my head and I can not get it. So, being out of my logic, it is also difficult for me to explain it or talk about it. In these times, however, I have heard a lot of rants and from anyone. To hear two who know exactly what they are talking about it’s a great thing.

Luma Fusion with Simone Tedeschi

Well, I’m swimming in Luma Fusion every day, but Simone Tedeschi announces itself as an “addicted” of this app that can lead in a masterly way who wants to enter the secrets of this assembly suite that has nothing to envy to large suites like Premiere or Final Cut. In LF there is everything and Simone Tedeschi will make you understand. I go there that surely some tip runs away.


Mojo Italia goes live

Can I miss by chance the workshop in which Fabio Ranfi teaches the “phrases” of going live with the smartphone? No, because if I will not be there he will beat me, since I will also sleep together in the same Airbnb. He is a phenomenon of the topic as you can see from his Facebook TV MilanoAllNews. Lives live on social networks and will let you go live. Another great potential of mobile journalism to be exploited.

All the potential of a podcast.

Remember this word, the podcast. On the second day of Mojo Italia, at 5 pm, there will also be a seminar dedicated to podcasts with Pablo Trincia, Lucia Pappalardo and Andrea Borgnino. Three characters of great value to explain that the podcast is one of the tools, absolutely mojo, to have to grow your personal brand and to be proposed in the market to increase your business. The podcast can help you be a better journalist and, if properly presented and written, can be a product that will make you money. You better learn it, so …

And finally… me

Come on, so to speak. There are also me in Mojo Italy, with a seminar that will give elements, information, tools and cases on how you can do business (and be business) when you have a phone in your hands. Provocations? So many. Discarding the rules? Insured. If you want to rebel against the journalism of “you make me 30 lines”, then come to see me. It will be the case that we have a chat…
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