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Mojofest grows up and goes to Asia

Francesco Facchini
Mojofest grows up and goes to Asia

Mojofest 2019 will be in Galway again and become a 4 days conference

Let’s go in order, before going into the news of Mojofest. Let’s go in order because for my podcast, Italian Mojo Stories, I made a long interview with the big boss of the international mobile journalist community, Glen Mulcahy, who gave me many news about the 2019 edition of the highest international conference on mobile content creation, Mojofest. The Mojofest organization has already left and the Irish journalist, founder of the international community, has already started the Mojo Tours initiative and set the Mojofest 2019 edition.

The long chat on Anchor with Glen Mulcahu

The podcast that I’m heading on mobile content creation is having a more than discrete success, but today it really did have a peak with the chat with Mulcahy that told wide-ranging the moment of Mojofest, the immersive tour of October and the season 2019. Glen’s words have told of a growth of his initiative and of an opening towards the areas where mobile journalism is becoming the normal language of journalism and the media. Yeah, I’m just talking about the Asian areas, with particular attention to India.

Mojofest becomes larger and longer

The chat with Mulcahy was a journey into the present and the future of the mobile content creators and Mojofest community. “Despite the difficulties of an event announced late and late game – said Glen Mulcahy – from the edition of Mojofest of 2018 I had excellent feedback.We look forward and I can say with excellent chances that in the first part of 2019 Mojofest will have the opportunity to land in Asia, it will of course have a European edition to be held again in Galway because I can reveal that they are in the details for signing the contract that confirms our office at the NUI (National University of Ireland) on the campus of the Atlantic city that was a spectacular venue for the 2018 edition. I can also say that it will be 4 days, with a very different structure from 2018 and with a clear and precise part dedicated to photography, of course I know it’s not easy to get to Galway and someone often tells me but I am still convinced that the magic of that place helps the community a lot, then we are working with the marketing of the University to enlarge the public “.

In relationship with media

The relationship with the media must have a path that is clear in Mulcahy’s head: “In the past years, when we had budget and RTE behind, the media came to show their best in this field, but today the model of Mojofest is different and focuses on the community.The media are welcome to Mojofest and can interact with anyone of us, but it must be incidental and constructive, rather I think and hope that we can develop more the relationship with the companies because I think the real market for mobile journalism both in companies that can learn to tell their own brand with the techniques of mobile journalism “. Truth, the media are late in perception compared to companies and “prostrating” the community to the charity of the media company is not productive. Better to develop its culture.

Drone Journalism? Yes, but…

Open the speech on the drone journalism. “Absolutely – confirms Mulcahy – I am a passionate drojo and I have four drones. At Mojocon 2 (2016) we invited the videomaker drone Philip Bloom to talk and it was great because he explained the importance of aerial images in the video story, in particular cinematic mode.The most important concept, in fact, is that, it is to be connected to how to use the drone for storytelling and mojo without being enchanted by the technique.It was very great and it was a good experience to have it available. I tried to interact with DJI to open a dialogue, but I had few interactions, perhaps because there is a conference in Ireland at the same time focused on drones. I want to reiterate publicly that, for me and for our culture, the drone can be part of the mobile journalist kit and be a great market opportunity for drone producers to have interaction with DJI, I hope it will change. I would be happy to open the drojo argument again, but they continue to focus on technique.

The immersive lab of MojoTour

Mulcahy and its Mojofest LDT have launched the first MoloTour that, from the first to the 6th of October, will represent the first immersive mobile journalism workshop “on the road” ever launched. You can find all the information here.

“Over the years I have always seen that what was missing from the mojo courses was an inspiring scenario,” said Mulcahy, “at the end of which we could leave the building and go in front or take a few steps to take some pictures. tour on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, we want to try to see how much the yield of an intensive mojo course increases. I’m anxious to see how it will go and what the feedback will be from those who will participate”. A beautiful adventure and a model from which to draw inspiration, as I have already mentioned, to propose the thing in Italy, a country where the breathtaking scenery certainly they are not lacking, a market that can expand.

Greetings to Mojo Italia: “Sorry not being there”

“What you are doing in Italy – concludes Mulcahy – with Nico Piro and Mojo Italy is very important, I am sorry not to be there, but commitments take me to Asia until the 23rd. I am also very envious, good natured, of course, of the possibility you had to set up your model without paying for tickets, I would really like to be able to do it with Mojofest, I am anxious to see you at work and to have feedback from you on this courageous model you have chosen. You can use social media as much as possible and communicate the values of this event as much as possible: Marketing is by word of mouth the best referral possible, more than many marketing campaigns, the door is open for you in the Mojofest group, the community I can help you a lot, I wish you the best and I will follow your hashtag with great interest, I am sorry not to be there, really. “

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