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Patreon, next events: Amsterdam (IBC) and a first live

I start the production of esclusive contents on Patreon.

Patreon, as promised, has become, since this September, the platform in which the first exclusive content of my production begins to be published, which still pursues the aim of divulging the culture of mobile content creation and mobile journalism in Italian. I have important ideas on advanced products such as courses and publications, but I intend to start immediately by benefiting those who support me with first-hand content that I produce at events or that I realize as first “meetings” live.

All the news from IBC on Patreon

Friday, September 14th, I leave for Amsterdam to see the latest mojo news at the world’s largest broadcasting fair, the IBC, the International Broadcasting Conference at the RAI center in the Dutch metropolis. Friday 14 and Saturday 15 will post exclusive and direct content with the protagonists of the international mojo scene from the Dutch fair. Who supports my project as a patron will be the first to enjoy the careful report on all the news that the IBC gives. You can even interact with me and develop a fruitful interaction that could also be “direct” to you. In short, with my live you will have the opportunity to interact with me and ask me to go and see things rather than others.

My first live september 17th

Always on Patreon, on September 17th, you can participate in the first live in which I will tell you about all possible phone connections with other devices, but also about all the possible inspirations that the smartphone gives as a production machine. Below all the info.[0]=68.ARDniPOWFrODVdynTVgle99WIj48VjewRDntYY0W99juA-sHA8KVlO33wdHFO8-NDMygTOFfoFb2GLaKz60HALbTHk6eV2CPg2fqZrFoijSTISvv9G5yZRxANRv0UeS2xewOVr2awr_dV_07k-pq_7jZIppuMhaobosX2WfVseHJ4nK6T8vc&__tn__=-R

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