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Business mojo: what’s happening on my Patreon page

Business and mobile journalism: very interesting wedding

My studies on journalistic business to be developed thanks to the culture and techniques of mobile journalism are finally launched. I started to make a library, points of reference, goals. I also started experimenting in the field with an instrument in particular to distribute services and products and to develop business with the mojo. I’m talking about Patreon’s platform that, in a slow and steady way, is growing in terms of presence and economic contribution to the project.

Last initiatives

My patrons who, as I write, have become 6, have been able to enjoy in these hours of the first exclusive contents that have given, to those who have seen them, interesting information and very useful suggestions. In particular, I spent 2 days in Amsterdam managing to deliver to my patrons over 10 exclusive contents with the best of the news on the world of mobile journalism and the comments of the protagonists that revolve around this business. With 5 dollars or more, that is to say, the patrons walked with me to the big halls of the IBC fairground without bothering and spending the money to be there.

Dedicated service, therefore, but also interaction. a serious and two-way interaction. What do I mean? Yesterday at noon I went live via Youtube exclusively for my patrons to show all the possible connections that a smartphone can develop. It was the first experiment of this online communication laboratory to create that appointment that will be monthly and which will cover the possibility of having a live chat with advice on this business.

A dedicated mail for you

For my patrons, in addition to this, I have also prepared a service dedicated to answering all the questions concerning the subject and which, perhaps, require further study. For this reason, my patron can send me 2 e-mails a week to get opinions or suggestions on the problems he encounters in mobile content creation. The email is and can be used, I repeat, only by the patrons from $ 5 per month up and it is also a way to develop the interaction that platforms like Patreon give to those who use them properly.

We need a changement of culture 

To renew journalism we must change, change the ways and the culture of the profession. When I started the business on Patreon this summer, I also told myself several times if I had become completely crazy. It took me a long time to spend less than a month to escape from this sentence. The meaning of this operation is given by the fact that to change culture, someone has to … start. I did it, putting, among the first but not the only one, the category of Italian journalists on Patreon. There are other examples, but if you want to do business on Patreon you have to develop a lot of other skills: you have to be constant.

I am at your service

It is for this reason that I am going to launch, from October onwards, online courses and other services that can “raise” the exclusive membership to an even more impacting level. Consulting, services, publications, travels, experiences. The only thing you need to evaluate is this: if my work is useful to you, then invest in Patreon to make sure that my supply of ideas, advice, suggestions, information and discoveries is increasingly structured and continuous. Therefore, if you are useful, think that my work is not free and that I can be even more effective at your service.

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