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Unions: at Mojo Italia history was made

First Mojo Italia edition is ended

Six hundred people, one thousand and two hundred occupied places at seminars, 15 perspective workshops, lots of networking, lots of hopes and lots of news. Mojo Italia, the first Italian journalism fest under the direction of Nico Piro and with Stampa Romana, the union of journalists of the Italian capital, is ended and we miss it already. What happened between Friday and today is the birth of a new community of journalists and, perhaps, of a new way of being journalists in the Bel Paese. What has the trappings of the historical fact, however, is a real goal made by the Roman union of reporters. Do you want to know what I mean?

A mentality never seen before

I am referring to the fact that, by putting themselves at the service of this event and organizing the mobile journalism courses of Nico Piro and Enrico Farro, the union institution headed by the talented Lazzaro Pappagallo has demonstrated with the facts that it has a foresight of historical significance. If there is something innovative for the movement of international mobile journalism, in fact, it is to be sought in the active role, in this operation of change, of the Roman union.

Already, for the first time in the history of furniture, in fact, a “union” did not play the role of the enemy of the mojo, but the role of the institution that defends it, putting itself in a revolutionary position compared to many of the associations of various European and non-European countries. In Italy, therefore, the history of the mojo is done with a trade union that makes the patron saint of the disclosure of furniture instead of curbing the spread on the basis of who knows what law of conservation of the status quo.

Change or die.

So, while the union “win” to the BBC giving the phone in the hands of cameramen in order not to violate the status quo of the professional categories, in Italy a union promotes mobile journalism because either you change or you die. The proponent of this operation is Lazzaro Pappagallo who is the most important man in Italian mobile journalism. Here is his balance of the closing event that will have a second edition in 2019.

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