Mobile writing: Wix revolutionizes its blog app

Mobile journalism is mobile writing

but few have noticed it. It seems that the tendency is to divulge a subject in which certain productions are made with the aid of mobile devices, but then we resort to classical dynamics, especially of production, to close the workflow. Not so, at least in my modest way of seeing mobile content creation. For this reason, since the day I wrote this article on the arrival of Gutenberg, the new administrator of the content of the wordpress sites, I have also brought mobile writing into the world of mobile journalism.

Yes, because even that production action of textual editorial content, now starts from mobile and arrives at the publication on the move without moving from static computers. So today there is a world that can produce any kind of editorial content with a telephone, considering any quality scale and any communication language (more technically called any multimedia file). It will be appropriate to adapt and close the computers.

The big news comes from Wix

Well, many web designers and web workers (graphic designers, webmasters, etc), see wix and its business, to make sites easily to anyone, like a real smoke in the eye. I do not, because I see the enormous potential that it releases for content producers and mobile journalists. With this reasoning I hope not to make me hate by web technicians, but I want to defend and enhance the possibility that the monile journalists (who are also mobile writers), can get to the creation, publication and management of sites in an easy and stable way . The reason is simple: the producers of contents are not technical if not the story and the disclosure.

Then if we want, all the ease of development of sites on Wix is transformed into awareness and desire that makes potential customers who makes “evolved” sites even more determined to want them. So it is wrong for those who consider Wix to be the discount for poor quality websites. Indeed it is a resounding gym that today has released a brand new version of the blog management app implementing all the editorial possibilities of site control. A bomb for those who write on the move. A revolution for mobile journalism and mobile writing.

Post, text, audio, photo and… live

From the new Wix app you can check titles, texts, photos, graphics, embedding and … you can do a lot more. In perfect mobile style a part of the application has been implemented that can allow you to take a live video and publish it in the video section of your site. A real revolution for mobile journalists, a revolution just a click away. Also in this respect, therefore, the convergence of the dynamics with which sites are made towards mobile mode is a clear sign that the world of content production is rapidly moving towards mobilization. And who has not understood some problems will have…
La pagina dei video su fatto con wix

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