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Radio Adige TV: a radio that is born … mojo

Radio Adige is rekindled and will have a future … mobile.

The one that is ending was a very special day for the radio scene in Veneto. In the fairytale setting of Villa Brasavola de Massa the revived and renewed Radio Adige Tv was presented, the latest born (or it would be better to say … reborn) of the Pantheon Verona Network group, one of the most interesting multi-channel and multimedia information hubs in the north east Italy. The reason why I talk about it is a reason totally linked to mobile journalism because the Veronese publishing company, dynamic and projected to the future like few Italian companies, has chosen me, together with my friend Fabio Ranfi, to offer my advice with the The aim of bringing to a virtually complete mobilization all the news production of this editorial network active on the web, on social media, on paper (with the Pantheom monthly) and, from tonight, also on the radio and on Digital Terrestrial where, Radio Adige Tv , you will see at the height of channel 640.

The mojo premiere

The publisher of Pantheon Verona Network, the entrepreneur of the renewable energy branch Germano Zanini (see the ForGreen Spa), assisted by the professionalism and courage of the director in charge of the Matteo Scolari network, asked me to be the soul of change towards the mobile journalism of this local newsroom, a unique case in the Italian panorama of transformation into “mojo” of a whole workflow. This first in mojo is an important step for the Italian publishing scene. It is the first time, in fact, that I can verify, accompany and help the “mobile” mutation of a multi-channel editorial staff. We will verify the processes, the internal study, the external working methods, the tools, the delivery and the “congruence” of the files produced by the telephones with the emission on TV and all the needs that the television language needs.

Total mojo to be the first

In the next few days I will follow what is, for me, a resounding professional opportunity, but also a case study because in Italy I have no news of an editorial staff who does the production work in mojo from A to Z with a flow that can close all the need for publication on multiple channels. Many newsrooms, many journalists, many sites, many web tvs adopt the culture of mobile journalism in pieces, but only one editorial staff has decided to undertake the path of definitive mobilization. That of the Verona Verona Network which today has brought back the legendary Radio Adige TV. In a panorama, therefore, of editors who use pieces of mobile journalism without feeling the need to discover the culture behind it, there is a small Veronese sea ship that has decided to pull up the anchor to embark on the journey of change.

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