Project Rush

Project Rush: Adobe transforms Premiere in a mobile app

Project Rush: one app that changes the game

It’s been 15 days since my patrons were able to see a long demonstration of the features of Project Rush, the new mobile assembly application made by none other than Adobe. Yes, you read that right: I’m talking about the company that makes Premiere and all the other programs for image creatives famous all over the world. It is a multi-platform software that thanks to Creative Cloud can make you do a job by starting it in mobile, continuing it on your PC and finishing it on the iPad. A revolution that redefines the potential of mobile editing for mobile journalists.

My first thoughts without hands on

I have not had this app yet, so I have to admit that my impressions can be partial. The philosophy of Premiere brought to mobile, however, is a promise that threatens to kidnap me. Having the flexibility and power of Adobe technology, doing everything on a mobile phone, including color control and audio, but also an extraordinary variety of graphics and titration possibilities, is likely to overturn the editing app market.

Being a total mobile it makes me easier to think that the dedication to the mobile product of Luma Touch and their Luma Fusion remains unbeatable and that Adobe has set foot on the market of applications in mobility just to say that there is. I will be very happy, however, if the facts disprove me. Meanwhile, I leave you with this provocation. If Rush also enters Android, which is already planned, and Luma Fusion will also land in Android, do you want to see that we will greet all the Apple phones?

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