A new site, a new travel

I am a mojo, from start to end

I am experimenting, working and divulging the matter of mobile journalism and mobile content creation with a goal and a characteristic. The aim is to provide everyone with the knowledge of a new culture of the journalistic profession and of the visual professions. The feature is that all the tools I use and the publications I send online must be designed, implemented and distributed in complete mobility. I want to be “mobile” in every action that is needed for my work. I want to be mojo from head to toe. For this reason I decided that my site also had to change: to be mobile. Among the themes that I could choose, I pointed at what was more “smartphone friendly” and gave it to my webmaster Giorgio D’Annibale of Monkey Marketing. Which was so crazy to put it on.

Gutenberg will change everything and I follow

I wrote some time ago about the new WordPress administrator: he’s called Gutenberg. My article can be found here. This is the new frontier of writing for the web and in that direction I decided to change the site, just towards the direction traced towards this new writing system. It is versatile, modular, logical, simple. Above all, it makes the mobile sites wonderfully usable and makes it absolutely easy to set up multimedia items even without having a computer in your hands. This matches the objective and the characteristic I want my mojo project to be from now on.

A really long journey

This site was born two years ago as regards the publishing project. He grew up, attracted the interest of about 1500 readers a month, a small community. Now it starts with a simpler and more mobile form. It could not be otherwise. If you look at this site from the phone you are perfectly in the ecosystem of which I am one of the inspirers in Italy. If I continued with a graphic theme and with PC-oriented tools, I would soon fall into a contradiction. In this site everything will be mobile: me, you, him. The journey will be the one to discover mobile content creation, innovation in the media world, useful tips, the latest news and reflections on how the information system is changing. The way I will travel will be a little different from before because I focus on what I experience, discover, realize, learn and teach in my work. In short, backpack on the shoulder and away. In 2019 I will go many times out of Italy, I will do a lot of research, I will focus a lot on the business that can be done with the mojo and sull’aereal journalism (you will soon know). This will be a place where you can understand everything about the mojo, but also everything about my work.

Be patient for one or two weeks

In the digital world the innovators (the most visionary ones) have a characteristic that I think I have too, even if I am simply one that tells stories: they have great dreams and small wallets. For this reason you have at least a week or two of patience to make sure that me and that madman of Giorgio is fixed well the inaccuracies of this site. We haven’t a lot of money, we invest our time…

I can not conclude by telling you that this work has a cost and that I would like it to grow even more. To help me enlarge this project, I invite you to support me through the Patreon page you can find here. Thanks to you, for reading, but also to Monkey Marketing for the wonderful work.

Francesco Facchini

Sono un papà single e un cronista di strada. E penso che l'elefante si mangi soltanto a pezzettini

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