Mobilization of an editorial staff: a journey in change

Changing a newsroom

I’m up from 5 and I’m living the second day of mobilization of the editorial staff of Verona Network, the interesting local information hub of the Veneto capital for which they asked me, for the first time, to take care of all the changes in the working method to move from a classical production flow to a flow totally linked to the use of mobile devices for the creation of content. What it means to make a newsroom mobile is a discovery for me too. It is for the novelty of the type of task and for the fact that it can meet problems related to the change of people who therefore can not be considered predictable. Given this initial condition, a consultancy such as the one I am developing at this time with the extraordinary multi-platform editorial staff of the Veronese publisher Finval is really an experience worth telling.

Change workflow, change thoughts.

The work is being carried out in such a way as to examine the way in which this editorial staff develops all its contents and verify how this way, carried out in an extraordinary way by the components of the news room, can be enhanced Thanks to the use of mobile devices and processes more streamlined and atypical working thanks to that kind of hardware. Understanding and developing the new workflow, It goes hand in hand with a very important second part of an editorial change in mobile.

I’m talking about the change in the types of products made and also the implementation of totally new formats that make it clear that the information hub has started working with new tools to produce content that has new languages ​​and wants to get closer to the life of those who read or see. For this, in addition to changing the workflow, one of the important things that my advice wants to achieve is to change the thoughts that pass through the members of the editorial staff while they produce things in the field. The smartphone, in fact, makes a news in completely different ways compared to the classic instruments that a multimedia journalist of these times uses.

Different languages, different products, great advantages

This change undoubtedly brings a considerable number of advantages to the editorial staff who interprets it. You learn a different language to interpret the journalistic profession, create new products, get closer to readers and contain costs by freeing up resources to invest in people. All this with a work divided into four phases: analysis of the state of affairs and of the points where mobile journalism can be implemented with improvements, changes in workflow, creation of new products and analysis of costs saved for reinvestment. If you are a small publisher and want to know more about this mobilization contact me at the email by clicking here

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