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Premiere Rush revealed and Adobe becomes a “mojo company”

Till yesterday it was Project Rush, today is Premiere Rush CC

On this blog and live, for my Patrons, I spoke more than once of the app made by Adobe that until yesterday was called Project Rush, but today has changed its name. In fact, from the United States, Adobe, in its annual keynote “Adobe Max” has officially presented (and put on the market) its app for multi-platform “mobile” editing, officially renaming it Premiere Rush CC. During the event it was held among the latest news and was presented with great passion on the Los Angeles stage of the conference that has as an eloquent claim “The Nex Generation of Creativity”. Impacting the scene, and also impacting the change that the world’s largest creative software brand has impressed on its image with this event.

A multiplatform creativity app

Premiere Rush CC has been unveiled with all the details and presented as the app that serves the new storytellers, those who live online between the Youtube channel and their blog, those who edit everywhere and who pass the existence “capturing” the life that is around them. In short, Project Rush, become Premiere Rush, spoke to the mojoers, opening a whole series of possibilities of enormous interest for what concerns the editing of video content with the fascinating plus of being able to change work tool in real time, passing from iPhone all’iPad or by remotely managing in the cloud further work progress and then finish it again on mobile devices. This can change the philosophy and increase the ability to interact between a physical place like an editorial staff and mobile journalists around for services. Now that I see it in my devices, I can say that, despite being a “totalmojo” and having eliminated the PC from the production process, see Premiere Rush CC delivering in my old hp computer some things done with the iPad a few seconds before a change that almost silly me. Almost like the amazing Youtuber Lill Singh who has been the godmother of the product today.

Adobe goes entirely mobile

After this evening I do not think I exaggerate if I say that mobile journalism will change, as will all mobile content creation. Mind you, Premiere Rush does not even remotely have the enormous qualities and characteristics that Luma Fusion, from Luma Touch, has. But I can not say that the operation of making Premiere Rush is not of those that change history. Adobe has made this app because it considers it the tip of a project in which it believes very much. Which? What has, in fact, delivered the whole future of the world’s largest signature of “creative” software to the words “mobile” and “cloud”. Premiere Rush, in fact, has revealed all its potentialities in terms of flexibility and speed of execution of video editing, but the directors and creators of Adobe who took turns on the stage in Los Angeles have filled the hall with concepts very close to a complete mobilization Adobe applications and software. In short, the company has delivered itself entirely to mobile… and it is only at the beginning of the transition.

Premiere Rush and the older brothers…

Premiere Rush, in fact, is the bridgehead of the Adobe world to move from the desktop to mobile devices, but also some of the other flagship programs have made the final leap. Photoshop 2019, for example, was presented as the first full Photoshop for iPad and no longer as a light version for the Apple tablet. The same goes for Lightroom, which showed all its power when a RAW file of 41 megabytes was passed between an iPad in which it was made to “turn” to black and white, to the iPhone of the demonstrator, but even to a Samsung S9. Adobe has also presented Project Gemini for illustrators, which is another native application for the iPad and has unleashed all the fantasy of its Cloud by declaring it will become a boundless creativity platform, with Premiere Rush and its older siblings.

Future has no borders

I was accustomed, by necessity, to introduce the world of mobile journalism as divided between iOS and Android, approachable from the PC or Macs. Two halves of the universe, with a wide border in between. Tonight, however, I agree that everything is changing if Adobe, for creatives around the world, makes available to the App designed for mobile devices and the power of a cloud that makes sure that all the devices are synchronized to finalize work and facilitate a flow of several hands on the same content. There seems to be no more border between Android and iOS, between PC and Mac.

The future is traced and to this road we must add only the implementation of the vocal commands that we have already seen this evening. In short, Adobe has changed the way of thinking about mobile journalism with an app like Premiere Rush, but also with decisive “improvements” on its classic products seen in mobile like Photoshop and Lightroom. Then she went into the future with XD, a mobile designing app for sites and app creations. Now the answer to Luma Touch to bring forward four steps as it has always been.

Pricing? It’s 10,49 euros per month

For 10.49 euros per month Premiere Rush is an app that I think is the case to have for that great power of sharing the work by cloud that breaks the field of mobile assembly applications. I’ll tell you that I bought the subscription right away, but I’m sure that Luma Fusion is absolutely unattainable and will soon pay the bill for the work in the cloud.

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