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Business with mobile journalism: my workshop goes live online

At Mojo Italia 2018 one hundred and fifty people listened to me, standing on the chairs for three hours.

What did I talk about? The possibility of doing business with mobile journalism. I talked about tools, changes, provocations, supports and useful information to develop business through the use and work with your mobile phone and a few other objects. Three hours of course in which I started one of the most important research strands of my teaching activity and of the student of mobile content creation from now on. Down, because if I teach the mojo without giving those who follow me the tools to make money with mobile journalism, I think my mission is only half done. This is why the business with mobile journalism will be my new obsession from here to the next future.

I go live to chat about how making money with mojo

If you were not at the Mojo Italia and you want to know how to develop business with your mobile, then I think you should not miss the next live on the page of Patreon in which, more or less for a similar time, then about three hours, I will repeat online, also transmitting the slides of the course, my speech on how you improve your career and how you enhance your income with the mojo. The peculiarity of mobile journalism is also this: it makes you live better, produce better and make better money.

The appointment is for Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 9 am on the Patreon page which will be open to all those who support my project. We can also chat live in the private environment of the live. I wait for you, what are you waiting for?

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