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Audio wireless: the italian revolution with Instamic

Everything is changing with audio wireless

For some time now, also for teaching and research purposes, I’m studying the instruments for the acquisition of wireless audio. The market for this type of hardware is moving a lot and mobile journalists can now take advantage of a series of innovative tools. On the audio discourse, however, what has probably not yet been dealt with well is the new potential offered by the small wireless microphones that we have come to know to change the video story thanks to the fact that the acquisition of sound has become an integral part of “mobile” creativity.

In this revolution of wireless audio we must say that we must enter thinking that the microphone is no longer just a tool to keep us away from the bad audio that “takes” the phone. These microphones that work with bluetooth or wireless are tools that express great potential because they can be moved from one place to another and give more or less importance to an audio source that means something for the video story.

Now what you listen to is your story

For this reason, to enhance these tools that have, in fact, greatly improved the relationship between the audio and the smartphone, I decided to embark on a journey to discover new microphones, to enhance the fact that any good mojo, now, not can more simply tell a video story with an acceptable sound and stop. Because now, what you hear is just what you tell.

Viva l’Italia, finally

My journey in the world of audio in mobility starts from Italy and former videomaker Michele Baggio, born on the border between Friuli and Veneto and graduated in film techniques, as well as author of an amazing venture. Which? With a successful campaign, Indiegogo launched Instamic, a recording microphone that is called a wireless wearable. With its internal memory, Instamic is a small, faithful and powerful tool for stand alone recording, but also and especially for bluetooth recording with applications such as Filmic Pro and Pro Movie recorder that recognize it.

It works as a stand alone recorder and a bluetooth microphone

It can be used in an iOS environment and in an Android environment and the nice thing is that, at least from my tests, Robot’s part is also recognized as an external memory if you connect it with an OTG connector and its cable to the phone. It’s not the same with iPhones and iPads, with which it is more likely to connect via bluetooth. It is small, very small, but its position relative to the source of the sound allows a mono or stereo draft of excellent quality and allows us to enter or not the ambient sound in the speech. From the app is manageable as a remote control, but still has not enabled streaming with which you can import files directly from the phone without physically communicating the devices.

The Baggio masterpiece

This content creator became hardware creator, moved to San Fransisco, where Indiegogo is based, but still flying between the United States, Stockholm (where he has family), Italy and China, where he produces. He made a masterpiece thinking that his microphone should become so small as to be forgotten. In fact, in its second function, that of a bluetooth microphone, it interacts so well with the invoice of a video that we often forget to turn it off. It is not immediate to understand the way in which it is equalized in bluetooth because you first have to parify it to the app app, then open its “Hands Free” profile in the settings, then “wipe” it from the phone and, only then, repaint it with the iPhone and let it be recognized by Filmic Pro.

A company that listens

I am delighted that this innovative wireless audio hardware will find its place, even at a price that is not inaccessible ($ 149-169). It is very important, however, Baggio’s declaration of intent: “We want to listen to the content creators and mojoers – he said – to make a better product and talk about content.” Soon we will implement the streaming, we will continue to evolve the app and hopefully others companies allow us to “parify” our Instamic with their apps.The adventure has just begun and I hope to be able to continue making my microphone disappear.What I want to say with this provocation? It will have to become so small and so easy to use that more and more often we will forget to have it “.

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