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Courses online of mobile journalism: on Patreon every month

Su Patreon ho iniziato l'avventura dei corsi online. Leggi questo post per scoprire come si fa a “chiedere” il prossimo webinar.

Courses online: a useful instrument

My Patreon page has now become a privileged medium of communication with colleagues and people who follow me. It is a platform on which I publish the best of my production and on which I started to make the first experiences of editing exclusive contents to deliver my culture and my know-how to all those who can gain interest and benefit from it. As for the first experiences of online mobile journalism courses, I am now measuring the results (much better) on my skin. I am doing this also taking into account the feedback and the considerations of my few, but interested Patrons. I am amazed myself by the effectiveness of the chosen instrument, the private live with slides and video, to those who received these lessons and now, on the page of Patreon, can have them available for as long as you want.

Quale sarà il prossimo corso su Patreon? | Francesco Facchini Mobile Journalist on Patreon

Official Post from Francesco Facchini Mobile Journalist: Ho appena concluso un workshop sul business che si può fare con il telefonino e ho parlato con alcuni dei miei Patron per comprenderne la resa.

Come funziona questo servizio

Meanwhile, if you want you can reread the piece where I told how Patreon works, but if you already know above you can select the choice you want for the next online course. Once you become my patron you will be informed of the dates and courses chosen, you will have the opportunity to see them online. To become my patron and have the courses, you have to find the right tier, the right micro-funding. Exactly I’m talking about the one from $ 29 (limited offer to the first 50 people). With this contribution you will have all the monthly courses plus the possibility to see them even later in the recording that will remain in the posts. To register, click here.

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