Editing on a smartphone: big news and Apple moves

Grande fermento nel mondo del montaggio su smartphone e delle app. Si muove anche Cupertino?

The smartphone editing app market is… burning

Last night Kinemaster released an update of its application that allows to edit even vertical or square formats, going to equalize a function of “flexibility” of the format that, until now, had penalized it compared to other applications. Luma Fusion will be released in the next few hours with an update to version 1.7 which promises sparks. Adobe Premiere Rush is living its first days on the market. Alight Motion releases one update after another. In short, in the world of editing on the smartphone, it is time for fibrillation and novelties that greatly expand the potential of editing on mobile devices in our era.

The korean way to editing on iPhone 

Kinemaster is edited by the Korean Nexstreaming that has made a great product oriented, at least until yesterday, more to consumers and amateurs of the video than professionals. With yesterday’s update, decisive in the Android world more than in the iOS world, Kinemaster has taken a step forward in the direction of those working in the image field and editing on smartphones. In the new version of the app, in fact, you can edit for the first time also in 9:16 and 1: 1, trivially vertically and in square. A decided step towards integration with other mounting software on the move. Now even in the Android world those who make content can “benefit” from the possibility of creating them in formats that are more suited to the social product market. It remains to be understood, however, when this app, will fill what is, in my humble opinion, its worst flaw: that of not having a preview and the ability to cut the b-roll before putting in the timeline.

Luma Fusion: Storyblocks enters in the field

A few hours and Luma Fusion will beat everyone again by releasing a version of its app that has a direct connection to the Storyblocks database. This “union” with one of the most important databases of videos and images in stock will enhance your work, especially in the business field, in a decisive way. Being able to have an entire section of videos that can be downloaded directly into your iPhone with this new feature, in fact, will make you create better videos, richer in coverage images, especially of places or generic concepts, which may also have the commercial “license” , giving you the opportunity to “sell” them. The cost of the annual subscription to Storyblocks via Luma? Just over € 60 to have thousands of videos and free music, usable for products that you can place on the market.

Adobe Rush: the big news of the cloud workflow

The arrival of Adobe Premiere Rush has shaken the smartphone editing market. Of course the great advantage of an app that is still in the “adjustment” phase, is the philosophy of the cloud with which, thanks to this app, you can start video products on your iPhone, continue on your iPad and finish (or finish) on the pc or on the mac. The “in cloud” working philosophy is that which Adobe intends to promote and communicate to its customers as an added value. To be able to work with serenity from whatever you may be.

And Apple moves…

Above you see Tim Cook meeting Lelouch who will make his next film with iPhones. At the Adobe Max event, another Apple boss was there to glorify the potential of creativity via “mobile”. I add also this joking Meme of the friend and mojoer Imram Azan

Do not you think that Apple is thinking about a mobile version of Final Cut Pro to further enrich the market of smartphone editing? I add that I did research on the web by finding many articles about the need that the creators of video with Final Cut would have a mobile editing version of their favorite editing suite. Some of these sources consider Apple Clips as an appetizer of the mojo version of Final Cut. Can’t you do one plus one plus one and think that the future holds us the entry of Apple into the world of editing with the smartphone? Yes, yes. As soon as I have authoritative confirmations, you will know it. For now it is only an impression.

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