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Mojo book: the first italian handbook is born

Il mobile journalism has its first publication in Italian

The culture of mobile journalism, in Italy, has reached another goal. After the birth of Mojo Italia, the first event dedicated to the mojo, a month ago it is in the bookstores, published by the Journalistic Documentation Center, the first manual on the subject written by friends Nico Piro and Enrico Farro. This is “Mobile Journalism” (publisher CDG, euro 29), a consistent and well-edited volume, with a graphic layout and a photographic section that makes it become a high-level technical textbook. I studied it and read it with great attention and it tells in an excellent way the change in the video language made by the miniaturization of the shooting devices and the entry of smartphone in the business.

The new culture and the new video language

The extraordinary professionalism of Nico Piro and his experience in the field are elements that are transformed into a mine of precious information along the lines of this manual. The technical precision reaches unexpected levels in different areas of the script, giving the reader a detailed and detailed study tool. As an example, the part of this manual of mobile journalism which explains the “secrets” of Filmic Pro is of a quality never expressed before and can be considered a true user manual of the queen app of filming with the smartphone. The other part “monstre” of the volume is that of technique and shooting grammar, certainly very useful for those approaching the video world starting from different experiences.

An essential book

Having a book like “Mobile Journalism” is essential to understand the “transition” to the mojo matter, a radical change in the journalistic profession. If I have to take the opportunity to make a note to the excellent writing by Nico and Enrico, I can say what is one of my usual warhorses. In my vision of mobile journalism, that culture that starts from furniture, is created on furniture and is used on furniture, technique is important, but so is philosophy. In this book I see an amazing analytical approach, but little mojo philosophy. We did not even agree. I’ll take care of that in my book. Mark it for 2019.

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