Vidéo Mobile 2019: Paris, where tomorrow’s mojo goes on stage

Mobile journalism a la française: a look to the future

The international mobile journalism conference Vidéo Mobile 2019, the third edition of the culture of mobile content creation in French, always offers a different look on the subject. Yes, because at the event organized by the team of Philippe Couve and, the international training agency Mojo that has revolutionized the French market, there are always looks not taken for granted on what again emerges in mobile journalism and on new areas where the Mojo takes root and sprouts in very little regular forms both for the visual language and for the journalistic business.

Audio, Stories, the role of the mojoer and a lot more

The great thing about Vidéo Mobile is that it opens up to the African Mojo and reveals courageous examples of low-cost mobile journalism that are gaining international interest. The Couve team, however, is very skilled in creating themes that will keep the journalistic practice of Mojo at the center, but take it to new territories such as Instagram stories or the social video distribution platforms, the position of the journalist Mojo in a his story (inside or outside?), but also the power of wireless microphones or the latest editing apps like Premiere Rush that has distorted the theater of editimg on the move.

Being there is a must

The organization of la Vidéo Mobile has already released the date of February 7, 2019 and I inform you that the early bird is already out. Yeah, I’m talking about tickets in presale for a day that gives a full link to a country and the reality closer to ours than those of the Anglo-Saxon world and the Mojofest of Galway. On the sidelines of the speeches and the panels, a series of practical workshops will make the day in Paris absolutely formative.

(Photo credit Micallef/Vidéo mobile)

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