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Italian Mojo closes

Francesco Facchini
Italian Mojo closes

I tried…

To make the most of this project for the diffusion of mobile journalism, I always thought that the associative aspect was decisive, in order to give colleagues interested in the subject a “virtual and real” place where they could see each other, confront and grow. For months that place was the Italian Mojo Association that I presided with pride and in which I firmly believed. I thank all those who have joined this association and all those who have made it valuable with their contribution, those who attended courses and meet up.

For some time, however, the members of the association’s board have realized that the difficulties of this period, the fluidity of work and commitments, the effort of carrying out their careers, have, in fact, pushed back down into the scale of interests, associative work.

The responsibility for this failure is totally mine because I was not able to create the necessary working group, before setting up the association itself, but I thought that Italian Mojo, once it was born, would be a catalyst of automatic interest. I do not wish here to make deeper speeches on the associative spirit that has never been born. I think that each of us protagonists of this experience, beautiful, should do it alone a little examination of conscience. I just want to thank Andrea Fontana, Fabio Ranfi, Sabrina Della Valle and Fabio Benati for their contribution to this broken dream. Thanks also to all the members.

Italian Mojo, therefore, closes. I will put my energy in the professional project and in teaching, in my service on Patreon and in the academic activities that are about to begin. If Mojo Italia, the community of Rome, needs my help, I will willingly give it to make the movement grow. I hope to have been useful, however, to make known the mobile journalism and its philosophy that, slowly, slowly, inexorably, will change the journalistic profession.

Francesco Facchini

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  • Giovanni Venditti

    In bocca al lupo, a Roma hai ricevuto molta simpatia e considerazione.

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