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Live event with Luma Fusion: the future of mojo editing

Francesco Facchini
Live event with Luma Fusion: the future of...

A transoceanic chat

Today we try an interesting experiment to try to give you a useful service. With a live event on my Facebook page, at 7 pm, we will have an interview with Chris Demiris, one of the creators of Luma Fusion, to find out the latest news from the app and to know the opinion of Luma Touch on the future of mobile journalism from their point of view, after the entry into the field of Adobe with Premiere Rush.

We will discover Streamix

This live, scheduled, I repeat, for October 31, 2018 at 19 time zone of Rome, is an event that will be made possible by a new app for live streaming multicamera made by a start-up that is based in Milan and that has an Argentine heart. I’m talking about Streamix, a system for live streaming that can capture images from any device (mobile or fixed) and that is governed by a web direction. Sebastian Greco will be with us, one of the creators. For more info click here.

My live event will be free on the Facebook page @FrancescoFacchiniMojo, but to make it happen it took time and work. If you want to support my project on Patreon I would be honored.

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