Mojo Days: the liquid format

Nasce Mojo Days, il primo format liquido e totalmente mojo.

Mojo Days: two journalists, two phones, one story

After a few months of preparation work, our colleague mojoer Elena Inversetti and I jumped and gave birth to Mojo Days. What am I talking about? Of a format made entirely with the techniques of mobile journalism which will have no fixed place, fixed format, fixed characteristics. We live in a liquid age. They have taken away landmarks, certainties, projections of the future. So to reach our readers we decided to overturn everything, except one thing: we will tell stories with a mobile phone in hand.

Two iPhones and two iPads

The text and the context will be created by two not so new iPhones (a 7 Plus and a 6S Plus), two iPads (old even those), a couple of microphones, the appropriate filming and editing apps, some small make-up editing and via, online. And the content? High and low, pop or far, maximum and minimum. With a fixed idea. Do you want to know which one? The idea is to tell a story in a day. A story that we would like to be yours. Yes, just yours. The reason is simple: mojo is the best language to tell the special stories of ordinary people. Like you.

Video, audio, texts, photos: all in mobility

This format has a starting point, or rather two: the Facebook page and the Instagram account. Video? Yes many. But not only. Photo? Why not. Audio? As if there were no tomorrow. Eyes? Always open. Texts? Also, digital writing is typically “mobile” and will be done by our mobile phones or our tablets. The effect will be different because the way is different. We do not have publishers, or rather, we have lots of them. Whom am I talking about? I’m talking about all those who want to tell a story or listen to a story.

Mojo Days is a format and a community.

With this assumption it is clear that this format must have in the motor the story of this liquid reality that revolves around us and becomes a community as soon as possible. A digital community that tells analog things or an analog community that tells digital things. Stories from the phone: this will be our hashtag because through that screen we are living a new humanity. We are afraid of it, but we can not avoid it. We are living humanity in which we will finally understand that digital is real and that it is worthwhile to live it as a bridge towards a renewal of the person.

Being journalists today

With this format we will do journalism where journalism must be done: in digital social communities where the consciousness of a society is created. Of course, since we do not live with poetry, we have already prepared a business plan to generate the profits necessary to keep the initiative alive and to get ready to live there. Also in this sense Mojo Days will be a laboratory, but it will be above all the place where journalists can be today. Without a headline, without a publisher, but looking for a community that wants to read, see, hear, be hit and hit by a story.

What Mojo Days will not be…

Mojo Days will not be the place of news, it will not go fast, it will not go behind the trend topics, but will follow the breath of the world with the idea of making people think, to make people understand and give a voice to those who do not. Maybe you could be: write to if you have a story to tell. Mojo Days will not be the place of approximation, copy-paste, speed. We will not take you by the butt with clickbait dynamics, we will give you stories and news when we have them. If we steal some of it we will be happy, because it means that we have been useful.

A Newsroom opened 24 hours a day

One of the hallmarks of Mojo Days is constant dialogue with the surrounding world. The one near you, the one near house. The editorial staff newsroom is open 24 hours a day and as you can see it puts everything in the square, even the stories on which it will work in the coming months.

Mojo Days è anche aprire gli occhi e far entrare il telefonino dove non si può.Milano 2018. Queste sono foto…

Pubblicato da Mojodays su Venerdì 2 novembre 2018

Elena and I decided to put everything in the square, because we want Mojo Days to be a shared format. Vertical? Horizontal? Square? Depending on the readers and the topic. I can tell you the only certainty: everything you see, hoping you like it, is and will be #totalmojo.

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