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Mobile journalism in the School of Journalism at LUMSA

Il 7 novembre 2018 parte il primo corso di mobile journalism in una scuola di giornalismo Italiana

My journey at the university with mojo

When I started this project, after 26 years of experience as a journalist, I immediately thought that mobile journalism had to have a dignity of culture. To have it he had to be welcomed in the university halls. It was like this: very important universities such as the Iulm of Milan or the University of Pavia, welcomed me among the teachers of their schools of improvement, management and communication. I had the honor of serving extraordinary and passionate students and I felt the great thrill of seeing them act in a very short time with the instruments of the mojo, with surprising results. Last year I was also a guest of Lumsa journalism school, invited to give a mojo lesson from my colleague Andrea Iannuzzi.

The project is gone beyond

I met many people, I did many courses and public events, I participated in the most important international events on the subject and I was a co-star of Mojo Italia, the first Italian event dedicated to mobile journalism. In the meantime I have continued the work to get the mojo to arrive even inside a specifically journalistic house. The first School of Journalism recognized by the Order that decided to open its doors to the subject was the Lumsa, for its two-year master’s degree. The project therefore went further and will arrive in the Roman master’s classroom tomorrow. Thanks to Carlo Chianura, head of the master, Gianluca Cicinelli and Andrea Iannuzzi, Lumsa has launched a 12-hour course for its 2018-2020 students, officially introducing the mojo into the study plan and the training offer that young journalists will have available. 

The opportunity to share this experience with Nico Piro.

The most beautiful thing about this historical course, the first in a school of Italian journalism, is that I will share the teaching experience with my colleague Nico Piro who is carrying on with me the construction of the mojo culture in Italy. A friend, a colleague, an interpreter of the mojo very different from me. This pair of teachers will give students a very broad vision of the discipline, greatly enriching their “suitcase”. In short, I’m happy to say that the mojo has landed in schools of Italian journalism, but I can confirm that the news of this kind are not finished. #Staytuned

Di Francesco Facchini

Sono un papà single e un cronista di strada. E penso che l'elefante si mangi soltanto a pezzettini

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