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Start Up Mojo: Streamix, from Milano to Baires for a live dream

Il mobile journalism is a wonderful start up world

In these years of visiting the mojo world I have also met many wonderful start up mojo who are creating software, apps and hardware to make the culture and the discipline of mobile content creation become the universal language of professional creativity for the world of media and publishing. They are generally small companies created by visionary and open people, friendly and willing to share culture and opportunities. I decided to start telling them, in order to give them the visibility they deserve and to be able to unveil a world of extraordinary men and women, committed to realize the dreams of thousands and thousands of creators of content, thanks to their instruments. 

I start from Milan

I live in Milan and it seems right to start from here and from Streamix. What am I talking about? A start-up created in the Milanese capital by Sebastian Greco and Cristian Conedera, two Argentine developers. The product is a software for the emission of a live via social through “cameras” represented by smartphones (both iOS and Android) that can be “invited” to the transmission from every corner of the world. The direction is an online browser in which you have control of the sources of images and audio, but you can also add graphic elements such as titles and under the belly but also pre-recorded video or layout in which to enter two different types of images coming from two different cameras.

Precise immediately that I turned my nose when I learned that the use of this sotfware-app could be governed, as regards the direction, mainly from a PC. I twisted my nose because I’m a totalmojo. But I immediately noticed that, from the developers, there is a great sensitivity regarding the use of their instrument in mobility, so I decided to “invest” my time in the knowledge of this tool. And I discovered very nice things.

A nature devoted to customer

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you right away that the direct browser can also be controlled by an Android tablet (and when they told me I breathed a sigh of relief). Then I add that the two Argentine creators have a firm intention to listen to the needs of live multimedia production of mobile journalists in order to create an interface for direct social via stable, versatile, with all the tools of graphics and professional titration, but manageable by a “one man band”.

Streamix, however, is a core of extraordinary potential that has all the fundamentals in place and must solomigliore the user experience of managing the various audio inputs and the insertion or disarming of the graphic elements. A feature that fascinates a lot about this world of start up mojo is the nature devoted to the customer. The creators of apps and software that are changing the way journalism and content in the world are all very much oriented towards listening to the communities of users who support them. 

We saw it with Instamic, an Italian company that created the minimum microphone, I also found it in the Italian-Argentine developer core of Streamix, an app that is still in beta and is slowly revealing to the market. 

The mojo community is democratic

The start up mojo, but also the most established companies in this sector, have a great sensitivity towards their audience and, in a very democratic way, they listen to the needs of the customer. It is not infrequent to see the creators reply directly if you send an email to the support asking for explanations. This is also the case for Streamix which is the great dream of Cristian and Sebastian, who work, among other things, separated by an ocean.

The first, in fact, is developing his project from Baires, while Sebastian deals with aspects related to finance and business development in Milan. Another very nice feature of these mojo creators of apps, software and hardware is that which sees them “similar” in the development of their companies. There is a great team, a great vision, a great path for the creation of the codes that give birth to these creatures, but often also a job in different areas, in different homes, far away. Connect only in the mind, in the heart and in the cloud to develop your dreams without having to necessarily shut up in an office or move to another city. 

I will tell magnificent stories of wonderful people

I start with Streamix a trip to the companies that are creating the mojo dream, but I will tell stories of wonderful people. I invite all those who are working in this world, for old and new initiatives to be heard writing me their story and contacting me to talk about their reality to the email It will be a pleasure for me to tell this wonderful world of the start up mojo. 

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