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Memory Mic Sennheiser: a super wireless mic, with a little problem

Wireless audio acquisition is changing my work forever

I started talking about changes in the audio world some time ago telling you about Instamic, an innovative and courageous tool in the world of wireless microphones. I continue the speech enriching it with some impressions gained in the field, seeing that after many months of study and research (and writing), I put my hands on the irons producing stories and videos for institutional clients. The audio that you acquire with this generation of wireless microphones is forever changing the way you do stories and interviews.

The ease of use, the great sound quality and the change that develops in the interaction between interviewer and interviewee: thanks to these aspects the use of wireless microphone devices is changing the way of doing mobile journalism radically. Now the interview, the story, becomes an experience of filmed life, thanks to the absence of barriers given by the fact that the interviewer no longer cares about the presence of the microphone, but focuses on the beauty of dialogue and the quality of the flow of words and history.

Tried Memory Mic on field: a superb instrument.

I tried the Sennheiser Memory Mic and found it amazing in the user experience and in the quality of the product. Easy, versatile, clean, precise: a true gamechanger of the game of telling stories. Here is my video review with the video manual of the instrument that you can find at a price between 180 and 200 euros on the market.

Le mani sul Memory Mic: un gamechanger, con un piccolo difetto | Francesco Facchini Mobile Journalist on Patreon

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The only problem: the app

Memory Mic, therefore, is a real crack of wireless microphones, but it has a problem. You can only fully use it with its app that is very limited and does not give the journalist a decisive chance. Which? That of being master of the image control. Or of the video. I sincerely hope that Sennheiser is evolving the app until it becomes a professional app for video making and audio making. Or that integrates with the classic filming apps like Filmic Pro. Leaving the journalist with the possibility to work on the characteristics of the image.

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