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Audio mojo: back to “La Video Mobile 2019”

Francesco Facchini
Audio mojo: back to “La Video Mobile...

I want to share this happiness

I can say: I am very happy and honored to be able to tell you that I received the invitation of the conference “La Vidéo Mobile 2019” to participate as a speaker at the event which is the international reference point for French language mobile content creation. It’s my second time, I’m really lucky. Do you want to know the reason? But of course. In a dreamlike location like that of the Cité Universitaire in Paris, Video Mobile is a day of conferences, panels, meetings and networking that leaves behind a rush of adrenaline and exceptional ideas and represents the best in the field. It is enough to scroll through the participants’ parterre in order to adequately understand that the gaze on mobile journalism will be true, visionary, unmarked, pure.

The sound of mojo

If you have followed the last posts of this my blog you will know that I am working a lot on the instruments of acquisition of the wireless audio. These are tools that have profoundly changed the way we make videos. Given the ease of use, the fidelity of sound, the versatility, these wireless microphones such as Instamic or Memory Mic or MikMe (I arrived two days ago, I’ll tell you soon) have put the audio in the story of our images mojo. Totally and without the intermediation of a microphone (which brakes and excites like and perhaps more than a camera). For this reason “the sound of the mojo” is a very important theme and is the theme on which they called me in Paris. We see there? If you want to get a ticket, here is the link.

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