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Length of videos: the great chance of Mojo Days

Length of video: can we chat about it?

The length of video on the web is an aspect of mobile journalism that has always fascinated me, but I’ve never talked about it on the columns of this blog. Often repeating that, as far as videos and their length are concerned, I no longer follow the golden rules of marketing and maniacal attention towards all those technical mechanisms that practice coercion towards the viewer. I do not want to hear any more talk about the initial 3 seconds laws in which we play all or the 35-40 seconds in which the curve of the video’s abandonment, on the part of the spectator, rears. I got tired of all this because I consider it a sterile debate and a way of considering the Internet user like a stoned without taste and judgment.

The only one law

There is only one law that should govern us and it is that of the goodness of history or of the content in general. It should support the attention to detail, the observation of the coherence of history, the management of emotions, the alternation of fields to keep the attention high. I repeat: it should support the beauty and the goodness of the story. The length of the video should, consequently, be a secondary factor in the service of the story itself: the stories should, lastly, last the time necessary to make them fully understood.

The great risk

I took the big risk for myself, to see if it starts to change the story that the length of the videos should not go beyond certain rules. With the team of Mojo Days, I made this story which is a long tail form and I want to know what you think. Sit back and watch it. Then, if you like, leave a comment on the video and its length, which exceeds 11 minutes. It is a risk, but I hope that behind this venture there is news. Do you want to know which one? I hope that the internet viewer wants to start, regardless of the length of the videos, to see beautiful things.

La storia di Paolo è la storia di un uomo che ha deciso di fare diventare realtà i desideri di tanti bambini piccoli e grandi. La storia di Paolo è la storia pura di un’impresa antica in un mondo moderno, di un lavorar di mani analogico che vive e cresce grazie al digitale. È la storia di una magia che fa uscire dai cuori di chi entra nel suo negozio proprio quella sensazione intensissima di essere, per un istante, in uno stadio pieno con dei bellissimi colori addosso, pronto a fare quel gol che vale una vita. Noi di Mojodays ci siamo fatti prendere la mano e abbiamo messo dentro questo video una serie infinita di perle e di sorprese. Sedetevi, mettetevi comodi ed entrate dentro un laboratorio magico, dove i sogni diventano realtà.#storiedaltelefonino. Ecco a voi il giorno di Sartoria Sportiva di Calcio Retrò Milano

Pubblicato da Mojodays su Venerdì 14 dicembre 2018

Di Francesco Facchini

Sono un papà single e un cronista di strada. E penso che l'elefante si mangi soltanto a pezzettini

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