Mobile journalism, a Christmas present for publishers

Under the tree, more mojo for everyone

Christmas arrives and I usually make some budgets. That of this blog and my own can not be considered less than positive. It was the year of the first international conferences, the year in which mobile journalism entered the first classrooms of a journalism school. It was also the year of the first Italian mobile journalism festival, Mojo Italia. In short, the community has grown, has expanded, started the process to make mobile journalism the tool of a new way of publishing today. Yes, because if the mojo wants to become the main language of journalism, it must first be brought to the places where the subject is studied, then into the editorial offices where this culture is lived.

For chance, I found a man like Germano Zanini

If there is still some (some doubt sometimes comes to me), I want to think that the Christmas gift for the mojo may be this: I would like publishers, here is the category I speak about, began to consider mobile journalism as a language on which to set an entire editorial project to be proposed to the market, or a culture on which to re-establish existing media overwhelmed by the crisis and by the attacks of politics that are cutting funds and contributions.

I hope, then, to be able to re-launch again (and again and again ..) this project meeting other people like Germano Zanini, publisher of the Infoval Veronese, who made me the honor to call me by his side for the “mobilization” of his Network of publications that are headed by the Pantheon magazine. For me he is the symbol of 2018: I thank him together with his team, because he made me well understand that there are still entrepreneurs in the field of media who want to change the cards of a game and a sector that, only if renewed, can find the social and economic centrality it has always had.

The presents of mobile journalism

New images, different stories, greater involvement with readers, new formats, more efficient lines of work, lower costs. If there are publishers for whom the sentence I just wrote makes sense, I tell them to contact me. To others (colleagues, students, enthusiasts, patron, simple curious) I promise a 2019 of revival and novelty. I thank all those who supported this project and I’m working on some news that will surely bring the border of Italian mobile journalism forward. Stay tuned and Merry Christmas, to you and your family.

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