International Journalism Festival: in Perugia the next step

The news is official

The International Journalism Festival of Perugia has made me the honor of welcoming me in the list of speakers of the 2019 edition with an international panel. From next April 3rd to 7th, in fact, I will be in the Umbrian capital next to my friend and colleague Robb Montgomery, one of the largest mobile journalism international professors, for a very operational panel dedicated to the business that can be developed with the phone and with the culture of mobile content creation.

I go there to learn from a master

Once again, the world of the mojo amazed me: at the International Journalism Festival, in fact, I will have the opportunity to get back into the condition of the student and learn new things from Montgomery who is one of the greatest exponents of this culture. The American of Chicago, now based in Berlin, is in fact, an award-winning filmmaker, a highly respected author of books on the subject, a highly sought-after professor and a man who has consistently contributed to the development of the mojo culture, even with his latest publication “Smartphone Video Storytelling” published by Routhledge in English and in translation in different languages, but not (unfortunately) in Italian. Montgomery has taught at the EFJ in Paris, at the University of Stockholm, at the school of management and journalism in Vienna and in several other academic institutions. Among the many companies there is also the redesign of IREX Multimedia Education Center, in Tblisi, Georgia, a training body completely redesigned around journalism techniques.

At Sunrise with Smart Film School patron

Robb Montgomery is also the founder of the Smart Film School, the site of online video courses on the mojo that represents the most symbolic realization of a colleague who has taught this culture to over 20 thousand people in his career. I will be with him, most likely, also at the Sunrise Film Walk, a walk based on mobile journalism that Montgomery has made at the international festival of Perugia for some years. A wonderful opportunity to learn, which I never stop, I repeat, never to do with extreme pleasure.

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