Fornazione professionale: un nuovo corso mojo

A new mojo business course in Rome.

Professional training:

When Dr. Tiziana Barrucci offered me this experience, I felt honored. Yeah, doing training also experimenting with colleagues is the best. Why am I saying this? Because on 4 and 5 February 2019, at the Multimedia Room of the Roman Press Association, I will hold a course entitled “Journalist and technologies of the third millennium: laboratory for freelance, doing business informing and respecting professional deontology”. A workshop, a journalistic think tank, a course, an experience: call it what you want, but know that if you participate you will be led to the construction of your editorial project and personal brand that will allow you to relocate in the labor market in a more modern and effective.

You are a company

The market in which we live today is, in fact, a liquid market. 90% of today’s journalists (or a little less) are not part of an editorial board and will not be hired. From now on practically never … The tools of mobile content creation and the smartphone in general, offer opportunities not only in the creation of content (admirably taught in the context of Roman Press by Nico Piro and Enrico Farro), but also in ‘preparation of the editorial project and brand that can make us stand out above the noise of the millions of information that revolve around us every day. For this reason we must, you and me, consider our profession as that of the CEO of the “Me Corporation” and act accordingly. This is the reason for this workshop course where you can come up with a clear objective: build your new mini-journalistic company and present yourself to the market with a new face, brand, products and services to offer.

Day one: the instruments

During the first day of work, whose program is well explained at the link you find here (links to also go to enroll in the course), you will know and understand, at this time of professional training, a whole set of personal tools necessary to build the personal brand and the publishing project to become a market reference. We will face new types of journalism, products, services, but also ways of creating a community that can represent a pool of users on which to build their own project and also its revenue.

Of course if you have in mind to create something with some colleagues I suggest you come with them because we will also see cases of new newsrooms and new media, far from the concept and the revolution of work compared to the Italian scene that gives an online newspaper like Open that has the merit of being only readable via smartphone. In short, it will be a day of tools and case studies, personal branding exercises and thinking.

Day two: the action

On February 5th we will put all these irons in water. With the tools learned the day before, during the morning we will create each editorial and brand project. During this work we will find the smart tools that will allow us to build the first elements of characterization of the project, from the creation of the market, to the assessment of the blue ocean, to the first concepts of marketing and development of the necessary elements.

In the afternoon we will produce the first elements, the first evaluations, the first multimedia documents, the first social clean-up or redirect to the new editorial project chosen.

It will be a professional training experience that can become an incubation and development experience of the idea that has been in your mind for some time and that you can not put down. That idea for which you only have to count on your stuff: on your mobile phone and on you.

One more thing

I must heartily thank ASR secretary Lazzaro Pappagallo and doctor Tiziana Barrucci for the possibility that is given to us by a union that has the merit of creating opportunities to bring journalists closer to work, in this moment of crisis, with professional training , renewal and new paths such as mobile journalism and the possibility, in compliance with professional ethics, to create job opportunities with mobile phones. For this reason I hope you can also appreciate that the course will be practically an unprecedented in Italy and can not have terms of comparison. Starting from the mobile phone, in fact, we will create a workshop that will give you opportunities and a true and peaceful professional future. That of the extraordinary company called “Me Corporation”.

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