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Video Mobile 2019: in Paris a lot of news about audio and a future to reinvent

Francesco Facchini
Video Mobile 2019: in Paris a lot of news...

The french mojo conference looks ahead

The day of conferences and workshops of La Vidéo Mobile 2019 has just ended and it has given me some good news that I will report to you right away. Big things are happening in the audio market that has already seen wireless microphones on the ground of the production of video content with smartphones. Manufacturers are preparing even more advanced wireless solutions and are about to free up the potential to go live on social media. Watch the video where I put together some interviews and some reflections gathered during the day.

The future? Changing a lot

I clearly felt the need of the international mobile journalism community to change things. These events must be open to a wider audience of users and users of this culture. They must also be open to the fact that, in this world, there are the most visionary and crazy innovators in the media world. For this reason we should not be frightened if the future will open up to a more open realization of events connected to innovation in the media and to what happens inside the video market with mobile devices. The problem of the mojo is the “jo” part that stands for journalism. Reformed in the head of all the language, models and business that can be created in the world of the media, it will be easier for this type of conference to create new interest and expand the community. On the other hand, the goal is to become great. It is appropriate to start making it happen.

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