Microfoni per smartphone: oggi qualsiasi microfono lo può diventare

Microphones for smartphone: with BAM you can use them all

The world of mobile content creation is constantly evolving.

Month after month I watch, with some fun, at the release of new software and new hardware that put the creators of video and content on the move in the conditions to create more and more qualitative products. The most important innovations, at least in this period, come from the audio and from a series of wireless instruments that have made the acquisition of sound much easier and more effective with smartphones. The world of smartphone microphones, especially wifi like Instamic and Memory Mic, has given content creators the ability to make audio in a video story much more important than before.

Since yesterday we are all Bluetooth

Yesterday, however, something has happened that widens even more the possibilities to take audio professionally, wirelessly, connecting any type of microphone to a smartphone. All using the main filming applications such as Filmic Pro (and Mavis and others) without any compatibility problem. What am I talking about? I‘m talking about the birth of the BAM Kickstarter campaign, the bluetooth transmitter created by the Swiss Joel Antonin to which you can attach any kind of microphone, from lavallier to the normal XLR microphone, reaching the phone in a clean and qualitative way. A revolution in the world of smartphone microphones

The Paris rendez-vous

I met Joel in Paris, getting the impression of having in front of a true personality of the world of sound, one that has a clear mission in the head. Which? To create a device that connects any microphone to any smartphone. For a hardware manufacturer it is the most open and most fruitful philosophy, because it allows content creators to use even technologically high quality media, giving those who make the images perfect control over the sound.

No dedicated app to slip into, like Mikme or Sennheiser’s Memory Mic. No problem of this kind. All controllable with any microphone, an old XLR or even a radio that has long been in your TV, unused. Of course Bam controls the gain and makes the audio input feel in real time. Finally I can tell you that with BAM it will be possible, according to what was revealed by Joel, to go live with the microphone connected to the BAM and without wires.

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