The instrument for secure pay: Kamzan

Perhaps you will not be able to believe what you are about to read, but in a very short time a secure payment method will be ready for journalists’ products. I’m talking about an online file transfer tool that has decided to do something absolutely innovative for its customers. He decided to take a step further, entering the dynamics of the transaction as a means of transfer safe and protected from any possible “stealing” of intellectual property.

When I heard Roberto Negro, their head, of the feature that will implement shortly, I was moved thinking about what the journalists who are around in this period and the money they lose in the act of chasing those who have to pay them. The guys from Kamzan are going to give us a crazy tool, which will make us take a cultural leap. Hold on, but first I’ll explain exactly what Kamzan does.

A totally secure virtual place for your files: here is how Kamzan behaves

Kamzan is a file transfer platform that has decided to behave differently than all similar services. Do you want to know why? Here you are. The service provides a storage platform that could resemble many similar services in the concept. Something like Dropbox. If, however, you go to the site, you will discover that it is all, but everything is different. Kamzan keeps your files and your products without touching them, without profiling your data, without affecting your property rights. It does not sell anything that concerns you to third parties, tells you where it holds your work, makes you sign a pact with you in which announces in advance that if you leave, after 48 hours, will destroy your files because you do not want to hold anything your.

Does this make you think a little about this? In your business, whose value is given only by your images, what you produce, having a safe place to put your assets is crucial. Finding a server that tells you all this, even before you put a single frame on it, is interesting. Very interesting.

Here is how the project develops

We arrive at the beautiful. By the summer it will be possible to have a very special service from Kamzan. This is a secure transfer of content to the customer. With clear elucidation of the characteristics of the sales contract, who receives your content will have the opportunity to see a preview in low resolution or a scream of a few seconds of your work. Once judged positively, in terms of the transaction established upstream, the customer will buy it and you will see all the content arrive according to the specifications highlighted. A real revolution. A huge cultural leap, since we both live in a world where you can pay the bill that you then issue becomes a chimera. But it is a tool that could change the world and the way of working. We must all take a step forward so that things get better and Kamzan could help us.

Francesco Facchini

Sono un papà single e un cronista di strada. E penso che l'elefante si mangi soltanto a pezzettini

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