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Mics for smartphone: two classical solutions

Taking good audio with your smartphone has never been so easy and clean. Do you want to know how? Here are some solutions, classic and stable, with some technical details that will make you find the microphone you prefer depending on the needs you have.

If you follow my work, you may have noticed that I’m talking a lot about wireless microphones, those solutions for the acquisition of sound that travel on the bluetooth connection with the mobile phone. Here, on this occasion, instead, we are talking about two solutions with physical attack on the smartphone, built to not have any kind of betrayal regarding the “grip” of a good audio. I’m talking about two solutions of the Australian brand Rode, excellent for solving problems concerning cutlery interviews or to “capture” the sound in an excellent way in the pit of a thousand cameras (something that happens to news colleagues very often.

Rode SC6-L (for iOS only)

Il kit SC6-L della Rode

Among the lavallier smartphone microphones, the set with two microphones plus the lightning adapter marketed by Rode with the name of SC6-L is the essential tool to do excellent interviews without any deburring. First of all you specify that, if you want the set of two “pins” plus the adapter-port with the two TRRS inputs, you have to look for it exactly at this link here: it’s called SC6-L mobile interview kit. Splendid features of this product that I use with great ease especially for podcasts. The two lavalliers have sound quality equal to the broadcasting and kevlar capsule, guaranteeing the soundness of the hardware and depth of sound. This little tool bag is a must have for the interviews while seated, with framed shots, although it can be used, given the directionality of the sound acquisition, even from microphones for the record. I consider it a small working station if you have to do audio work like podcast or format, because it ensures clean speech acquisition.

I microfoni entrano mixati automaticamente nelle device iOS e possono essere gestiti molto fedelmente dalla app di Rode chiamata Reporter. Con la definizione si va a 44.1/48 khz e a 24 bit. Gli SmartLav+ che fanno parte del kit si armonizzano facilmente con le app di registrazione del mondo Apple.

The classic Videomic ME (L and normal)

The Videomic Me L

The Videomic Me, shotgun of Rode is solid and precise. it’s a sort of “great classic” of smartphone audio. You can find a version with lightning and jack, but what matters is its ease of use and its solidity. Equipped with a headphone jack can allow you to listen to the sound you are recording (it is the same even for the SC6-L) resulting in greater assured in the result.

This is the classic mic that also draws around 2.5 meters away. The frequency range is 20 khz while the sound is 24 bit. It has a great effectiveness in reducing noise and begins to lose quality around 2 meters away. In the comparison “one to one” (for an interview in the pit) or to make speech with the selfie camera, it is practically perfect. It is sold with a windproof, a mouse (to be clear) able to perform its function very effectively. Here is a small test on field under stress.

Audio with physical intake, a life insurance.

The Australian Rode is among the companies that do wonderful things, even and above all with physical attack. Of course the wire or the “direct grip” as in the case of the shotgun means, are the most faithful ways of acquiring audio. In this regard, know that I will continue the chats and small tests on the subject and the field of wifi microphones. I want this blog to be a valid reference point for you to answer the questions about the right tools to make mobile content creation.

Last consideration: I know that the kit is a bit expensive, but keep in mind that, with 300 euros, you’ve pretty much solved over 90 percent of audio capture solutions. Does not it seem interesting?

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