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Telegram and Mobile Content creation: here is the MojoRevolution group

The mobile content creation landson Telegram.

I created the Telegram MojoRevolution group to create a virtual space dedicated to mobile content creation that can be a real toolkit for mobile journalists and all those who want to make content, for any reason, with the smartphone. On Mojo Revolution, group you can find if you crush here, you will find documents, links, readings, files, audio, pdf, video and anything else that can be useful in developing your journey of knowledge of this culture.

A group, a place where one wants to be.

The Telegram MojoRevolution group is a different service from those put in place by me in the past was thought, thanks to the contribution of my strategist Chiara Carlet (a true web coach who is completely changing my multimedia project), as a new way to create communities in a “proactive” way. Yes, because if you subscribe to the Mojo Revolution group, it’s because this topic interests you and you want to receive all the multimedia supports in your smartphone that help you understand the subject and produce the contents.

It is time to build an organic community that really wants to put aside all the tools that I will provide to create a virtual place where everything can be consulted in the same virtual place. For my part there will be a work of story and report on what is developing in the group and a reference to the tools that I will make available (the next I insert, as soon as I publish this piece, it will be worth the penalty). I will not add members to the group because I want them to grow up on their own.

The mojo project is changing

Mobile journalism was, more or less, the “world” where this culture of content production was born. The potential offered by the smartphone, however, can be used in many different fields (even far from the mojo), as evidenced by the flourishing of cinematographic works done with the smartphone as “High Flying Bird” by Steven Soderberg.

Il trailer ufficiale di High Flying Bird

For this reason I would like to suggest this Telegram group to all those who can benefit, for their profession or their life, from the possibilities that it gives the ability to produce, in a professional way, visual contents with the smartphone. There you will find documents, tips, links, apps, content needed to start the journey of change in your working life thanks to the powerful possibilities offered by the smartphone you have in your hands.

The second news: News Republic

Mobile content creation also lands on News Republic. The app of Bytedance, a Chinese multinational that owns, among other things, Tik Tok (formerly Musically), has chosen me among the experts to participate in the production of content on mobile journalism for users of the app that makes the news aggregator in about 300 million mobile phones in the world. An interesting experience to prove the validity of these tools and to understand how these can bring resources to the career of modern content producers. All the gods to spread the #mojorevolution. I wait for you.

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