“The smartphone is the pen of our time”

My study trip to London turned out to be full of suggestions.

It gave me a sea of good ideas for teaching training courses and for my wealth of professional knowledge. Traveling for study is an experience that changes you in depth and that calls into question what you think and what you see. In these hours I can say that I received, from the meetings I had and from the reality that I observed, the confirmation that there is a strong growth of what I call mobile media economy and that we have to talk about it ourselves that we do mobile journalism.

The re-definition of the subject.

What do I mean by mobile media economy? All in all it is a question of giving unitary dignity to all those processes that create wealth thanks to products, services and contents that are created, distributed, viewed and consumed with a smartphone. At the heart of this economy are the content producers who, thanks to their smartphones, can create added value in a direct way, perhaps only through a content distribution platform. Simply put: teaching mobile content creation is only half of my project. The other half is to teach the tools that, from the smartphone, start those operations that create wealth.

The smartphone is our pen, video is our language.

Where do I want to go? Simple. Having learned the mojo as a tool, each of us is able to make contents of editorial value. The purpose of these contents is the most varied and goes from the improvement of one’s own image to the sale of content, to the design of a real media business. Yes, because an information hub for which the public wants to pay you could also create it yourself. With a smartphone. Because the smartphone “is the pen of our age and video is our language – says the director of innovation and training of Thomson Foundation Hosam El Nagar -. We must know how to use it well and be able to enter this ecosystem that, by now, sees all of us get informed thanks to the smartphone “. Below the full version of our interview.

Francesco Facchini

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