Switcher Studio e Linkedin: live “business” is here to stay

Linkedin has decided to land in the world of live broadcasts via social media.

This is an interesting move and intended to change the market. Here’s what’s behind and, above all, who’s behind it. I’m talking about Switcher Studio, an American company specialized in multicamera live and creating the most professional app that exists (at least in the iOS world) for those who want to create live television quality productions with mobile devices. Nick Mattingly and his team have been phenomenal in developing the potential of this software to make live, but they have really changed the pace these days becoming one of the privileged partners for Linkedin’s live”business”. Therefore, the “live business” market for content producers is emerging and it seems natural to think that it will be different.

Switcher’s ceo statement on this news

La chiacchierata con Nick Mattingly di qualche tempo fa

This video was recorded a while ago, when version 1.8 of the app was launched with important updates. In the following period, Switcher began the live tests with Linkedin which, for the moment, are only usable via invitations and only in the United States. “We are delighted – said Nick Mattingly – that Linkedin has chosen us as the provider of the live service. Live videos are already changing the way businessmen and professionals interact. Having the chance to make live video in the place where the business develops , Linkedin precisely, will greatly benefit the care of conversations with partners and customers “. What will these live shows be like? Well, I have some ideas and they are ideas that can be proposed as a service to corporate clients in a really interesting way. Stay tuned what we talk about soon …

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