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Mojo in South America: first Mojo Latam congress comes

On April 26, 2019 the first South American congress on mobile journalism is staged in Buenos Aires, another sign of extreme vitality of this culture that is renewing the media all over the world.

I’ll be part of it, along with great colleagues (in every sense) like Matias Amigo, Urbano Garcia Alonso and Leonor Suarez. I’ll be there to talk about mobile and business, the international community and the trends that the subject is taking in this last period. From the event website you can understand the program and the excellent level of the participants. Scrolling through the activities of the program that will take place in a single day at the journalism faculty of Belgrano, it is easy to understand that the South American movement is for the first time photographing its state of health and growth.

The mojo in the editorial offices, among freelancers, in journalistic startups.

Leaving the first panel, in which I will also participate, the task of telling the world scene, during the day, the organizers of RCM, “Red de Corresponsales Moviles”, opened the stage to the realities that integrate the mojo in the editorial offices, to the social networks , to the novelties of journalistic start-ups, but also to the means and tools to create a career as a freelance mojo.

Mojo is the answer

The Argentine journalistic landscape is in crisis, but the mojo language and philosophy can be the answer. Attention, moreover, that that world is an Android world and has the possibility to grow very fast for this very reason.

Communities of emerging countries such as the South American ones, will more easily take the via of Google OS and will already overcome the potential of expression of the Apple world this year. From a qualitative point of view, in fact, Android phones cost less and are better than Iphone. Smartphones with Google’s operating system are not yet supported by software for mobile journalism equivalent to those for the Apple world, but when the gap has been filled (by 2019, I believe) then Cupertino will lose the record on the world of content production with mobile devices.

Good luck to the Argentine friends from Christian Balbo to Martin Leonetti, from Cecilia Miljiker to Matias Amigo.
Francesco Facchini

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