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Mikme and Mikme Pocket: the Austrian way to bluetooth microphones

Francesco Facchini
Mikme and Mikme Pocket: the Austrian way to...

I complete the overview of high quality bluetooth microphones talking about Mikme, a solid product in engineering and software in Austria and assembled in Germany. A bluetooth hardware, therefore, made completely in the Old Continent, which holds up the challenge of Instamic, Memory Mic and many other products. It’s solid, maybe a little big, but suitable and consistent to produce many different types of audio, even one or more musical instruments.

A microphone that changes interviews.

Mikme captures the voices well, even at a certain distance. It must not, therefore, be put on the protagonists of your stories. The interviews, with hardware like this, change substantially. They often continue beyond the questions and get closer to the heart of the story, as the microphone is often forgotten even when the questions are finished.

If we want to find a flaw, I say that I don’t like the fact that it passes from the proprietary app (like Memory Mic), but in this case, a distinction must be made. What am I talking about? I’m talking about this.

There is something new coming.

Speaking of Bluetooth microphones, however, we have to record that Mikme is about to launch its Mikme Pocket which is a version of the Austrian product with a lavallier that can be matched with the smartphone with two devices at the same time. This means more freedom and more functionality for interviews and stand-ups and videos even in locations far from the smartphone. Here is a test video of the pocket made with Mikme’s boss Philip Sonnleitner.

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