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Do you want to make money with journalism? Serve a community like Weishi Italy

The signs are very clear: to make money with journalism, today, we need to identify well a community to serve. It is no longer enough to think about the medium, the quality of the news, the format or the means of dissemination (which today is mainly the web). Today the public must also be designed and designed well. For this reason, making money with journalism rhymes above all with identifying a proper audience to which to provide information services that meet needs.

The case of Micromedia Communication.

Studying and reading around this topic, I carefully observed the communities of foreigners in Italy and their information sources. Often around phenomena such as groups of people from outside arise interesting editorial phenomena. Sites, newspapers, radio: the bigger the city, the more varied is the media landscape in foreign languages. It happens everywhere, it also happens in Italy, a country in which one of the most important communities is China. In Milan, in particular, the Chinese number over 30 thousand and in Italy just under 300 thousand (Istat data 2018).

Within this community the case of Micromedia Communication by Jack Jiang and Chi Hai is of extraordinary importance. The reason? Simple: the two young entrepreneurs have found the format to tell Italy to the Chinese and the Chinese to Italy. Stories, tutorials, explanations, information: all geared towards creating usefulness and saving time for users, readers and viewers who need to understand many things in just a few minutes about where they are or about the important practice they need to complete for their life.

Make money with journalism: create the community.

Jack and Chi worked years on followers and chose the right platforms to evolve. First Wechat, then the social networks, then the site: here is the roadmap, enhanced by the creation of a particular format and the creation of a new market where it was not. To think that it was only a question of points of view. The two entrepreneurs have identified the target, identified the way in which to serve it (acting as a communication bridge between the Chinese world in Italy and Italy) and then created dedicated “premium” services.

In clear growth.

Result? They are in net growth and attract the interest of the great Italian brands that know well how this site, the creature of Micromedia Communication (it’s called Weishi Italy and you can find it here) can represent a vehicle of promotion also towards China, where the young Chinese-Italian company (Milanese) has a much wider audience than Italian numbers. An audience, among other things, young, with an economic possibility, in love with Italy and motivated to come to us. In short, if the mobile media economy (in which this case enters by right, given that the interaction with its Weishi community greatly develops it on smartphones), it also owes it to the phenomena of building a community to serve and designing the dedicated medium to the same.

Un’intervista con Jack Jiang e Chi Hai (Micromedia)

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