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Mojofest 2019: being there to change mobile content creation

The fifth edition of the maximum international event regarding mobile content creation is approaching. You must be there, now I’ll explain you why.

I talked about Mojofest 2019 some time ago with Glen Mulcahy, an Irish journalist and entrepreneur who had the merit of creating the international community of media language innovators and videography with mobile devices. It all started with journalism and journalists who started introducing smartphones, but a lot has changed since then. For this reason Mojofest is living a real metamorphosis in its fifth edition which will be staged from 6 to 8 June next in Galway (if you want to take the ticket click here).

The maximum event of mobile content creation in the world, in fact, is moving away from journalism to become the international reference point for every possible innovation in the language of media production. “This is the challenge – confesses Mulcahy, the boss is still very busy in the organization these days – which I want to carry on. By now you can say that the mobile journalism definition is becoming something old and that this world and this culture are much more, regardless of the hardware. Mobile content creation is journalism, video, photos, creativity, communication for companies and also cinema. I think the Galway three-day program says it very well “.

A program never so rich.

I watched the Mojofest movements from afar with some fear in the last few months. I am a victim of my journalistic past: I struggle to create new patterns in my way of working. For this reason I never feel quite “mobile”. I honestly didn’t understand where Glen was heading with his team. Then I had the good fortune to chat with him: “The program embraces languages, tools, characters, fields and contents that are by now not only related to phone and the hardware that we can put on it – explained Mulcahy -. Now mobile content creation is everywhere and everywhere it expresses novelty and potential. We must not remain anchored to definitions, but think that the “mojo” philosophy is a way of interpreting renewal in the world of media. For this reason I ask the community to be more courageous and let the particularities stand out ” . Indeed, it is a strong appeal, supported by a program that has never been so rich.

The best of innovation in the media.

From Yusuf Omar to Philip Bloom, from Matt Navarra to Dima Khatib, managing director of AJ +, all those who are changing the meaning and language of journalism and international media will be there, with a good part also dedicated to photography (which for the first time will have its place in the Smartphoto Fest event). There will be a bit of Italy with Angelo Chiacchio, a young designer and filmmaker I don’t know but who has a career and a portfolio of absolute value.

In short, the best of innovation in the media which was also joined by maestro Mike Castellucci, the American star of storytelling via iphone. If you want to know how the world of media will change, in short, you must be in Galway from 6th to 8th of June. I will go there to be a student, to learn from a team of speakers of which I have been a member in recent years and who has been enriched with visions and professionalism of enormous value. Can’t wait the moment I will be there being a mojo student again.

However, the future must be different

I will go to Galway to study, to meet, to interview, to write for you, but even now I understand that the future must be different. The effort of Glen Mulcahy and his company must rightly be helped to become bigger and more open. For one reason: in Galway we will not continue talking about mojo. We will not continue talking about which one of mic producers is better than the other in order to conquer a few hundred more customers putting competitors in a bad light.

I see and hear bullshits that I do not like, especially in the audio sector, which are detrimental to the result for the creator and for the future of this culture. In Galway something special will happen: Glen Mulcahy and his community will drive the change of media. It’s better being there… because you will have the chance to be one of those who draws a new future in the media field.

It’s called business and that’s right

Here we must not doubt whether it is a business or not: it is business, because otherwise we would find ourselves chatting in a Galway pub in the morning, not in the evening after having reasoned and worked all day on the future of the media. I have even seen personal attacks on Mulcahy which I absolutely condemn. Without his job, we all in the community would still be at the stone age of mobile content creation. It is right that Mulcahy makes his way and develops his business, because this community built up by the Irish journalist is changing the lives of us all. And he must get the best possible result, with everyone’s help. Those who claim the opposite are at least in bad faith.

An opportunity not to be missed

At Mojofest, on the other hand, I hope we will draw all togwther the line for the renewal of all language and the media, whether you have a smartphone, a DSLR or a camera implanted in the eye. If Mojofest will be able to become the place where the world of creativity and the media change and renew themselves then we will all have won the challenge. If this is not the case, however, I believe that the future will be very dark and that we will all remain closed in our small vegetable gardens to cultivate our four plants. Having lost the most resounding of occasions.

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