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Business with live via social media: the Van Achter case

Francesco Facchini
Business with live via social media: the Van...

Live via social media: this is how you can revolutionize your career

Live coverage via social networks is a topic that is attracting my attention during this period. They are a tool to be offered on the market if I look at it from you and me, that is to say that of freelance content producers, but also a great opportunity for companies, professionals, institutions and organizations that want to seize the potential of a medium that still does not was understood.

In my activity as a communicator, I usually alternate explanations with meetings. This time it is precisely the moment of a content of the second type to give you a case of a journalist, producer, “mediacker” as he calls himself, who has fully spread the score of his career reinventing himself as producer and trainer in the field of direct via social and entrepreneurial journalism.

The live guy

I met Damien Van Achter, this is his name, during the day of La Video Mobile 2019 in Paris last February. After a career in different types of media, Damien decided to become an entrepreneur of himself, to teach others how to do it and to do it by putting the formats live at the center of his production. On his Youtube channel you can see many of his reflections and operations on the subject, but the most amazing thing is his ability to invert the points of view of his production language of direct via social media. What you see below is a decent example. At La Video Mobile, the intervention in which he explained his all-live project for clients and the media was made live by himself. Great in the message that with live via social you have to change the point of view.

Il professore matto.

Damien Van Achter è professore “invitato” di giornalismo imprenditoriale a IHECS (Bruxelles), EFJ (Parigi), all’ISIC di Rabat in Marocco e alla CFJM in Svizzera. Abbiamo fatto due chiacchiere e mi ha spiegato bene la sua impostazione. Ha due caratteristiche che ti invito a seguire. Ha impostato (tanto da diventare insegnante della cosa) il suo giornalismo in modo imprenditoriale e ha formattato in modo particolare i suoi live. Per andare dai suoi clienti ha perfino creato un’automobile “da live” mettendo internet e alcune camere nella sua vettura. Ha girato le strade del vino d’Alsazia invitato a raccontare le storie dei produttori in diretta (con aumento del 7% del fatturato da un anno all’altro), ha creato formati e usato strumenti atipici per cambiare le situazioni nelle quali realizzava le sue produzioni. E’ un professore matto che insegna ai giornalisti come fare gli imprenditori e ai producer di contenuti come spezzare i linguaggi con cui fare i live.

La nostra chiacchierata. I sottotiroli sono quelli in francese fatti in automatico da Youtube per cercare di capirci qualcosa in più. Non sono fedelissimi, me ne scuso.
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