Going to Mojofest: learning, telling, knowing, being useful

I go to Mojofest, to observe closely the world of mobile content creation.

I go to Mojofest to learn from very good colleagues, to meet friends, to create new opportunities, to interview, to know, to understand, to comment, to know, to tell, to be useful. I’m leaving tomorrow from Bergamo, I’ll be back on Sunday in Bergamo. This is a simple warning to let you know that I will be publishing many things in the next few hours. As always, the center of the reflections and stories will be the blog, but Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will follow closely, completing the project with posts, photos, live videos, small videos, texts and everything to make people understand better what I see and live. I am going to live a very important Mojofest, because I sincerely believe that, although I have no confirmed news in this sense, the one that we will experience from 6 to 8 June in Galway will be the last of this kind.

How will I tell you about my journey

I decided to put two features on this trip that will make my work even more agile and useful. I will make the first transfer #totalphone (so I will also mount on the phone) and #totalAndroid. Yeah, I don’t want to get an Apple machine into my production process. I recently purchased a Note 8 which I think is the most spectacular Android machine I’ve ever had. I want to discover its potential, as I want to verify the potential of Adobe Premiere Rush, now that it is authentically crossplatform. In addition to interviews, therefore, I will tell you about impressions, problems and solutions experienced by someone who is not Android born in his way of working.

Ask questions, express wishes.

The occasion of my journey is a tempting opportunity for you too. Ask me questions, let me know what you want me to show you, what you want me to write, what you want me to talk about. Internet and social media are a powerful connection tool and being able to take advantage of the possibility that I am in a place so rich in ideas and provocations for mine and your profession is an opportunity that I hope you will seize. I am the most contactable journalist of Italy and I am there for you: tell me what to do 😉

So I go. In Galway expected 10 degrees and rain. Make yourself heard, I’m there for you.

Di Francesco Facchini

Sono un papà single e un cronista di strada. E penso che l'elefante si mangi soltanto a pezzettini

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